How To Write Articles

Selling books online means that you need to get interested readers to your website or to your Amazon listing. One great way to get people to your website is writing articles for republication.You do not need to be the next Stephen King to write articles. Most authors are people just like you and me. Write in a simple, easy to understand tone. Write it as though you are talking to a friend. An informal article written in a conversational manner is best.Make a list of your skills and past work experience. Even a specialist interest or hobby can supply you with knowledge that others might not have. Do you use social networking sites? Your knowledge could be used to explain how to market a business using sites like Myspace or Facebook.

If you’re a seasoned writer, you likely have habits and patterns in place, and this can slow you down because you may try to do a really good job, maybe make it perfect. This can waste time. With article marketing quantity is more important that quality. Both are important, to be sure, but if you’re not cranking out several articles a day, you won’t see your income jump the way you really want.Getting started, first of all, write 1-2 articles in raw form giving a compelling heading including in it all the ideas and important points you know about. The article generally contains an intro, problem, bullets, solution and conclusion. Sit comfortably with a note book and pen, for an hour or two with this sole aim of writing article in mind. Write everything you know about the chosen subject in narration and also in bullet points.

Now think of you being the writer of the article and not its user. Even a slow writer can write three articles of 700 words in an hour, and if you charge $ 15 for each article, you could make $ 45 an hour, or $ 180 a day for just 4 hours work. That equates to $ 3600 each month for only twenty days work, and you still have the day job. Even at only 2 articles an hour that’s $ 2,400 extra a month.

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