Healthy Packed Lunch Ideas

It can be a real problem to think of ideas for healthy packed lunches. In the winter a hot lunch will always be welcome, but how to do it? Well with a wide mouth thermos it is easy.

Hot Packed Lunch Ideas:

1. Soup

Of course soup is the first thing that springs to mind. Make a healthy, thick and nutritious soup and send it to school in a thermos. You do not even have to make it especially for the thermos, simply make more than you need when you make soup and pack the left over soup.

With this soup you can also pack some bread and a fruit and you will be sending your kid to school with a fully balanced meal.

2. Chili

The next idea is a tasty chili. On a cold winter’s day a chili is always very tasty. If your kid does not like it too hot, simply use less chili. Once again you can add a sandwich and some fruit to provide a fully balanced meal.

3. Stew

Any kind of stew will also be delicious. Make sure there are no bones on the meat. If you make this a really tasty stew with lots of vegetables you do not even have to add a sandwich to provide your kid with all the nutrition needed to keep going all day long.

Of course a thermos cannot only be used to keep food hot, it can also be used to keep food cold on a hot summer’s day.

Cold Packed Lunch Ideas:

1. Fruit salad

Fruit salad is an ideal choice here. Make a fruit salad with as wide a variety of fruit as possible. Add a cheese sandwich to provide the protein your kid needs and you once again end up with an excellent lunch for your kid. To make the fruit salad even tastier, you can add some yogurt to the fruit salad. I find that plain yogurt mixed into the salad works very well.

2. A substantial salad

Of course fruit salad is not the only salad that will work very well. You can send any kind of salad that is a substantial salad. With this I mean a salad containing some form of protein and carbohydrate and not only vegetables. Use all the vegetables you kid love with some cold meat and potatoes with a little mayonnaise and you have a tasty and healthy meal to send your kid to school with. Add a fruit juice as a drink and your kid will love this lunch.

So you see there a lots of ways you can send your kid to school with a healthy nutritious lunch.

You may now wonder what the best wide mouth thermos to get is. Well, I find that the Thermos Nissan is the best one. It will keep food hot or cold for very long. Read all about it at:

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