Gemstone Beads: Little Known Facts About The Chrysoberyl Gemstone

Are you a collector of gemstones and love accumulating rarely known gems? If you do, then Chrysoberyl might be a gem that you would not want to miss. Chrysoberyl, in its pure form, is one of the most neglected gemstones in the market besides its numerous qualities and features. This beautiful honey yellow colored gem has a hardness of around 8.5 on the Mohs scale, which makes is appropriate and well suited to be used in jewelry making.
Besides its beautiful color and user friendly properties this gemstone is hardly seen in the jewelry stores. As its demand is low so is its price as compared to other stones of its family. Surprisingly, there are two gemstones that come from the family of mineral chrysoberyl namely, Alexandrite and cats eye, which are considered to be highly valuable and intriguing of all other stones. These two gemstones offer very fascinating photochromic features.
Alexandrite looks green in color during daylight and red in incandescent light. Apart from its beautiful appearance, Alexandrite gemstone has a unique and distinguished historical value. It was first discovered in the year 1830 in Crarist Russia. As the gemstone possesses Russian imperial colors, it was named after the Russina Czar Alexander II. Alexandrite also displayed red and green as its main colors.
Alexandrite can be seen in most of the jewelry pieces coming from Russia as it is considered to be one of the countrys most prestigious gems. This beautiful gemstone is the favorite choice of many famous jewelers or jewelry designers. There is one more type of Alexandrite, which is very hard to find and thus, is extremely expensive. It is popularly known as Cats eye Alexandrite. This type of gemstone offers a great quality of colors and light reflection.
The cats eye gemstone displays chatoyancy. Chatoyancy refers to a unique optical effect created in sunlight. It creates a bright line in the middle of the stone that gives an illusion of an eye. This is the reason the gemstone is called cats eye. This gorgeous gem is mostly used to make rings for men because of its hardness and durability. These gemstone beads are believed to possess many mystical powers as well. It is said that a cats eye gem can save the wearer from any evil influence.
It is a surprise that while chrysoberyl might not be a popular gem among the jewelers, the other two gems of its family have a highly valuable and considerable significance.

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