Doing Yoga With Children

Doing yoga with children is a great way to introduce them to a healthy activity that many folks find appealing for various reasons. Physically you become stronger and more flexible, and it helps you maintain a great body shape or lose some weight if you need to. Yoga also benefits you emotionally and spiritually, helping you become calmer, more confident, feel good about yourself and have a positive outlook on life.

Although your kids may not be able to do all the exercises that adults do, they will still find it fun and enjoyable as they learn different skills such as balancing and poses mimicking various animals. Allowing them to put their own spin on yoga is also a good idea as it helps develop their creativity.

My little girl likes to copy a lot of things I do and yoga is one of them. She loves to join me when I practice at home. It’s also an opportunity for the two of us to bond and have fun. She says she likes yoga because she can do it in bare feet. Yeah, both of us hate wearing shoes and love to go barefoot.

Since my daughter is still very young, I don’t bring her to my yoga class especially since it has members of both sexes. Unfortunately, there isn’t any yoga class just for kids nearby so for now we just have the fun at home. I have bought her some books and DVD’s on yoga and meditation for children and teens which she really enjoys. I always watch her to make sure she does things safely.

If you’re interested in yoga for kids and your child is eager to learn, you may want to enroll them in a special yoga class for children if there is one in your area. Otherwise, your own class is a good place to start; your teacher may give you some pointers on how to start a yoga routine with your kid at home. You may also want to talk with some of the other students who have young children and see if they are interested in forming a yoga group just for kids.

Another thing you need to do is talk to your child’s doctor just to be sure that yoga is appropriate for his or her physical well being.

Have fun doing yoga with your children.

Tanya Robbins is a staff writer at “Cool Info Lounge.” Read her other interesting articles: Yoga Teacher Training and Belly Dancing Lessons.

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