Meditation And The Auric Field

The first layer is called the Ethric layer

The name for the first layer is the Etheric layer which can extend out from the body up to two inches .

This layer being the first layer and situated closest to the body acts like a second skin and it is in constant motion.

This layer is the actual blueprint or map of the physical, and within it are all the impressions of the Chakras, Organs, Meridians and Glands.

Blockages in the Chakras can be seen in this layer, People who are psychic and viewing this layer report it being shades of blue or gray close to the skin and report saying it relates to the overall condition and health of the physical body.The Second Layer the Emotional Layer

The second layer of the aura is called the Emotional layer and it extends out from the body approximately two to four inches.

If you could see this layer you would see a mass of swirling energy that reflects the feelings and emotions that we experience .

It is always constantly changing because of the feelings we have the emotions and our circumstances in life and how we perceive them.

Because this layer is not as defined as the previous layer it dose not really resemble the body shape.

Contained within this layer are the emotions of hate, love, anger, happiness; also stored within this layer are the emotions that have not been resolved which include things like loneliness, fear, resentment and so on.

Whatever is happening within this layer whether it be feelings or emotions will affect the Etheric layer and that in turn will also affect the physical body.

Psychics who can see this layer describe the colors as being like the colors of the rainbow, with very bright and vibrant colors when someone is in a state of positive emotions and very dark colors when someone is in a state negative feelings.

The Third Layer the Mental Layer

The third layer of the aura is known as the mental layer of the aura and will extend out from the physical body about eight inches .

Contained within this layer are all our thoughts such as our ideas , and beliefsalso reflecting on what our conscious mind is thinking at any given moment.

Within in this layer our thoughts are understood and processed, issues to do with our mental health are also reflected hear

Psychics reporting back on seeing this layer say that the color is a very bright shade of yellow and becomes even brighter when focusing on a mental process.

The Forth Layer the Astral Layer

The forth layer of the aura is known as the astral layer and extends out from the physical body eight to twelve inches.

The astral layer is the layer that separates the first three layers from the upper or outer layers, it is said that it is the bridge that is between the physical and the spiritual world.

If you want to know what your connection is to the physical world it is through the first three layers of the aura and the remaining layers are your connection to the spiritual world.Psychics who can view this layer say that it is a brightly colored rainbow.

The Fifth Layer the Etheric Template LayerThe fifth layer of the aura is known as the etheric template layer and extends about one to two feet away from the body.

If we look at the purpose of this layer we will find that it is to keep the first layer the etheric layer in place and also contains a copy or template of the physical body on a much higher spiritual level.

Psychics who can see this layer say that it is a dark blue or a cobalt blue.

The Sixth Layer the Celestial Layer

We are now at the sixth layer of the aura which is known as the celestial layer and this layer extends out to about two to three feet away from the physical body. This layer will reflect the subconscious mindit is the layer where we can experience love and spiritual ecstasy.

Psychics who can sense this layer see it as a bright shimmering light, which is composed mainly of pastel colors..

The Seventh Layer the Ketheric Layer

The seventh layer of the aura is known as the ketheric layer and it extends out three to five feet away from the body but this is only a guideline as it can expand as your spiritual awareness increases.

Individuals who are very spiritually developed it is said that they can become one with the source or to put it another way enlightened

Psychics who say that they can see and sense this layer say that it is an extremely bright golden light that is rapidly pulsating with tiny golden silver threads throughout the layers.

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