The Benefits Of Meditation

The benefits of meditation are numerous and real. Through meditation courses you can learn to improve your life and your health.

The Meditation Courses offered by Sue will teach you many techniques to be able to listen to your body. You will learn to breathe, focus, relax and quieten your mind and find the answers that you are looking for.

Meditation is a way of communicating with your body, and the more you listen the more your body will talk to you. Once you learn the different things that your body is trying to tell you, you will be surprised at how the symptoms make more sense. For instance if you are feeling invisible in the world you may start to gain weight, this is your bodies reaction to your feelings of being small and insignificant. By receiving the messages your body is trying to send you; this can be reversed and you can reach your own highest potential in life. With Sues believe that meditation is a way is the connection with many parts of ones self you will be guided on a journey into your own body.

At Body Brilliance you will be taught through the Meditation Courses to create distance between your thoughts and yourself. This will enable you to connect your soul and your body. You will be able to tap into the passion of your soul, where all your deepest desires reside. By using the Body Brilliance method of Meditation you will be able to be able to connect with the still calm of your body, and this voice will echo making it easier to understand. With the amount of times we get to make choices in our life but often we are not aware enough of whom we truly are to make a choice the right choice. Through meditation the right choice becomes more apparent. It is like tuning a radio onto the right station according to Sue. To find out more about the benefits of meditation and to make a booking at the Sandton centre visit

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