Dumbbell Workout Routine

If you can’t find the time to get to the gym or enough money to burn on an entire home gym, it might be a good idea to design a home dumbbell workout. If it’s done right, a dumbbell workout can be a simple and cheaper way to achieve quick, long-term and sustainable fitness goals.

So, how can you design a home dumbbell workout routine that’s right for you? Read on:

To begin with, it’s important to decide on the results you’re looking to achieve with your dumbbell workout. Do you want huge, muscular arms or do you simply want to tighten up some flab?

On the other hand, you’re going to need to ask yourself, or better yet ask a trainer, what you can get out of your routine. Some ladies are able to achieve the same results as a man while a good number of men can’t build up enough muscle mass to rival a petite woman’s arms.

Once you’ve figured out the best results for you, you can start a dumbbell workout to your workout routine. As you would when starting any other new exercise routine, in order to reduce your risk of injury and get maximum results, make sure you are trained on how to use the equipment beforehand. You can take a class with a trainer at your local gym, purchase an instructional DVD or or even download a podcast on iTunes. Just make sure you take the time to learn how to do the exercises properly before you start doing them regularly. It’s also important to make sure you check with your doctor to make sure it’s okay.

Finally, to really be effective and reduce your risk of injury, don’t take on everything at once. The best dumbbell workout programs take at least 3 months to achieve an advanced level of exercise. You should begin by doing just a single set of each exercise with just 10-15 reps each. Over time, you’ll be able to do 8 sets.

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