Mens Fashion – What To Wear To The Gym

Is the gym a place of workout? Yes, most definitely. Should fashion be left at the door? Well, that depends. Sometimes the gym is a place to both get in shape and also to socialize. If you went to the gym in the first place to get in shape in order to attract others, then why not start right there in the gym – attracting others? OK, if you are totally overweight and you need the serious gym workout to lose 300 lbs., there is not so much you can do to look fashionable while you are doing that.

Instead you should wear the most comfortable gym clothes you can find that you can still feel comfortable in, no matter if you are sweating out a gallon of perspiration. Your object in this case is to find gym clothes that make the torture of losing the weight, that is the same amount as an entire other person, less painful. Sweat it out in this case and forget about being fashionable.

If however, you are a regular body shape and size, just needing to go the gym to get a little more muscle tone and definition to your almost perfect body, then you need to dress with a fashion sense at the gym. Believe it, when we say it. Everyone does look at you in the gym and judge you not only on how good your body looks but also on how well dressed you are. This means you need to have multiple gym outfits as well.

You cannot put on the same gym clothes as two days ago that have been left unwashed in your gym bag and expect to look good. No! Gym clothes, of the fashionable kind, are meant to be worn once, they washed properly before they are worn again. It may seem like a lot of hassle to do this, but imagine how more motivated you will be to do a great workout when you put on a fresh set of gym clothes each time you go to the gym. This is instead of forcing yourself to put on a smelly, maybe still wet, set of used gym clothes from the previous session.

This means if you go to the gym three times per week you need to have three complete separate sets of gym clothes. And that includes everything from the headband (OMG! You still wear one of those things! At least make it very contemporary if you do) to your athletic shoes. That’s right you need a different pair of athletic shoes for each visit to the gym.

Why is that? Because athletic shoes need at least a week to dry out after a major workout and you should air them (in the sun if possible) and spray them with bacteria-killing foot deodorant each time before use. After only a few weeks of solid use, they will stink to high heaven if you do not do this. For the rest of the gym outfit, you get to show your character in the choice of gym trunks and shirt. Don’t go outlandish, just choose a variety of styles that make you look very good.

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