Home Gym Exercise Routines Exposed ? How to Get Absolutely Ripped Without a Gym Membership

Are you in need of a workout schedule that you can do from your own home? This article will be able to give you just that information. Below are exercises that will target various muscle groups in your body.

However, before you get started, you should first ascertain your current physical condition or fitness level. If you are just starting out and haven’t done a lot of exercises, it is recommended that you do the following exercises with very little weights or even no weights at all so you can allow your muscles to get used to the form and technique before you go in for heavier weights.

That being said, here are the workouts for various muscles groups.

Chest – Your pectoral muscles are one of the largest muscle groups in your body and a well toned chest will greatly increase the aesthetics of your body. You can start with pushups to tone and strengthen your chest muscles. The average man can do about 35 pushups at one go. Depending on where you stand, use pushups over a period of time to strengthen and stabilize your chest muscles before moving on to more complex exercises like the bench press, inclined bench press or dumb bell fly.

Back – Many people neglect their back when it comes to a workout. A strong, wide back can make a person look really fit. It will also improve posture as a lot of the bad postures are related to weak back muscles. Chin ups or pull ups are a great way to strengthen your back muscles. These exercises are also quite difficult to do and the average man can manage only about 8 chin-ups in a set. Start slow and never give up on your chin-ups even if they are difficult to do. Try to go for modest targets and give yourself a lot of time to strengthen your back.

Shoulders – You will work out your shoulders when you do exercises for other parts of your body. Many people do not dedicate exercises for the shoulder for this reason. You can however do shoulder presses, shoulder shrugs and fly exercises for your shoulder.

Core muscles – Your core muscles are your abdominal muscles. If you want to get six pack abs or a toned and sexy looking midsection, you will need to do various exercises for the core such as sit ups, crunches with a medicine ball, twisted crunches, bicycle crunches, dumbbell side crunches and so on. There are many more variations of exercises that can be performed on these core muscles like back extensions and bridge ups.

Lower body exercises – Last but not the least, every workout routine will need a good exercise for the legs. Simple squats are a great way to work your thighs, calves and buttocks. Squats will also allow you to work on your core muscles and it is usually considered to be a great total body workout. Start with simple squats and then move up to squats with free weights as your comfort level increases.

These exercises for various muscle groups should easily allow you to come up with a schedule that will help you achieve your home fitness goals.

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