How to Brew a Little Magic for Second Chance Romance After Cheating

Brewing up a little magic for a second chance at romance after cheating might sound a little outside your scope of experience. It’s important to remember before you make any judgments one way or the other that you realize there are many kinds of magic in this world. Not all of them involve hocus pocus, spells, or potions. Some of the best magic in the world is magic that revolves around love.

Love is a beautiful thing because there are so many facets or sides to it. There are different types of love and each can be as strong as the next. Many people feel that cheating puts a damper of sorts on love but that isn’t the case. What it does is give people who were cheated on the ability and in some cases resolve to push that love to the back of their minds and throw up walls around their hearts.

Your mission, if your goal is to have a second chance at romance with the person you cheated on is to tear down those walls, remove those barriers, and pull love back to the front of the mind of your spouse. It sounds easy, right? The truth is that it takes a little bit of work. Here are a few ways you can get through those walls a little more quickly.

1) Make your spouse laugh. Laughter makes miracles happen. Now is the time to be your funniest, wittiest, and absolute most charming bet. Nothing tears down walls faster than sharing laughter so brush up those corny old jokes and learn a few new ones while you are at it. You’ll see just how fast those walls come tumbling down and then you can move on to other methods of wooing your ex.

2) Overcome objections before they are voiced. Now is a great time to think of all the reasons your spouse may have convinced him or herself that it can’t work between the two of you and turn them around as reasons that you both need a second chance together. This is a powerful tool for mental persuasion that is very effective when used for the purpose of saving relationships.

3) Smile your winning smile. Your spouse loves to see you smile. It makes your spouse believe you really are happy spending time with him or her and that will make your spouse feel happier knowing that you are happy. Love is often a circle like this and happiness is paid forward and returned ten-fold.


Magic comes in all shapes and sizes. When you learn to brew up your own batch of relationship magic you’ll find you can get your ex back and do almost anything else too.


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