Wondering About Kentucky Football? In 2010, the Wildcats Will Have A Little Something to Prove on the Field

By: L.Steven Sanders

In respect to the sports world, University of Kentucky gets the majority of of its accolades regarding its basketball roster dotted with NBA potential players. But if perhaps Kentucky’s new football coach, Joker Phillips, has anything to say about it, Kentucky’s long honored basketball history will certainly have to give a slice of its limelight to Kentucky football. Once Joker takes the reigns in 2010, he’ll be implementing a plan named Operation Win along with focusing on bringing a team which has 5 bowl shows in the previous five years to a 6th bowl of a higher caliber. Here’s why he could do it.

Investigating The Backfield

Mark Hartline, Morgan Newton, and Randall Cobb will probably vie for time at quarterback; all of them have the ability to start. Hartline and Newton started the most last year, but Cobb is the most talented of the trio and could easily wind up starting halfway through the season. Whoever starts will be handing off to Derrick Lott, who runs as quickly as any person and is certainly a threat to get through to the end zone every time he carries the ball.

Reviewing The Offensive Line

Kentucky’s offensive line may well be its fragile point. Having junior guard Stuart Hines being the sole returning starter, the Wildcats are generally in rebuilding mode here. Hines will likely be asked to man up and be Hartline, Newton, and Cobb’s individual bodyguard. For the remainder of the line, they’ll have to learn on the fly and with a little luck have it together by game day.

Determining The Receivers

Together with being a talented quarterback, Cobb is additionally a fine receiver, and that is where he’ll put in almost all of his time if Hartline and Newton have the ability to do the job at quarterback. Count on big Chris Matthews to produce match up challenges for smaller defensive backs, and also be watching for newcomer Alex Smith, who provides just enough ability to grab a starting position by the end of the season.

Check Out The Defensive Line

First rate defensive player Dequin Evans will direct a skilled defensive line that furthermore features the great play of Ricky Lumpkin, Shane McCord, Collins Ukwu, and Mister Cobble.

Checking Out The Linebackers

Returning starter Danny Trevathan is going to do his best to wipe out the absence of departed Micah Johnson, and Ronnie Sneed and Jacob Duferene will create some punch too. But the main story amid linebackers could be incoming freshman, Qua Huzzie, whose line backing skills are as dope as his name.

Determining The Secondary

Kentucky’s secondary could possibly be it’s most effective unit, seeing that it boasts the most experience. Paul Watford getting proclaimed ineligible was a significant blow, yet returning starters Winston Guy, Jr. and Randall Burton should receive enough aid from gifted newly arriving freshmen Martavius Nelums and Taeido Smith to offset the difference.

Investigating Special Teams

For Kentucky punting and kicking ought to be in quality feet with 2009 starter Ryan Tydlacka coming back. Along with Cob and Locke taking on punts and kickoffs, supporters should count on some exciting runbacks.

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