What are Your Real Thoughts on Global Warming?

Do you have concerns about Global Warming? Do you think that is because the media is telling you to worry about it? Not everyone is going for this CO2 cause of Global Warming you know? On the global warming thing; ambient temperatures rise and fall. 1.5 to 2.5 degrees over a 50 year period is not significant, also the old data is not so good.

Solar Cycles create much more heat and violent weather, for instance the heat inside a boiling tea pot when you turn up the heat. If you destroy all of human civilization in order to cool the planet, it will heat up anyway and then your civilizations will be weak and not able to handle the increased temperatures at all or the reverse; global cooling.

Energy will change over the next 200 years anyway. Pollution is stupid and clean coal is on its way. My position is move that technology forward faster, consider other energy plant types as the future progresses without all your eggs in one basket. Plant more trees and ride out the Solar Cycles with the strongest possible infrastructure.

What is the position of the Online Think Tank? Well many members have lots of different ideas on such things so we are constantly looking over data and shun the “over the top” doom and gloom scenarios, the information really does not show that. When things heat up often good comes of it. Those are my thoughts and I have studied it a bunch, who knows maybe I should write an eBook on that too. Call it

“Global Warming; Dissecting the Data”

Hey, I am just so happy to have lived through the Y2K Catastrophe where we all were almost annihilated you know? I guess it is time to spook the mindless masses and scare them over something else? Well if you are going to do it, then I suppose Global Warming beats the scare of a Giant Asteroid hitting the Earth? It is a much slower demise of agony rather than a big bang?

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