Do Thoughts Create Your Reality?

What really creates our reality? Is it thought or feeling?

If you have read, heard or watched The Secret, you will know that essentially you can manifest your desires using the Law of Attraction by asking for what you want, believe it is possible and expect that it will happen.

But is this enough? The short answer is no.

To create your desired reality you need to not only see or visualize yourself living your desire but you also need to feel the sensations you would have in your body as if you were actually living that desire.

Athletes have been using this technique for many years with great success.

Arnold Schwarzenegger used to sit in the seats at the places he would be competing for body building and visualize himself up on the stage, going through his routine, hearing the audience cheer, hearing the judges call him the winner, seeing himself being handed the trophy, all the time feeling the emotions, the energy, the joy, the triumph of being called champion. He did this so many times that he knew on the actual day of the competition, that he had already won the event before it even started because he had already been there in mind and spirit. And he did win!

Tiger Woods also visualises and feels his golf wins. He sees himself going to every hole on the golf course, feels the air temperature and the wind, sees and hears the crowd, feels the texture of the grass and the hardness of the ball, feels the force of the club as he hits the ball, watches it fly through the air and land on the green. He too knows he has won the event before it has started because he has already played in mind and spirit and won!

With modern technology, elite athletes have been monitored electronically to run their race in their mind. They imagine walking into the stadium, seeing and hearing the crowd, feeling the air temp, positioning themselves in the starting blocks, the gun going off, the crowd roaring, the other athletes running beside them then crossing the finishing line to win. When they analyse the results, scientists have been able to prove that the body has physically reacted in the same way just as if they had actually run the race yet the whole time they were sitting in a chair and not running at all – amazing isn’t i!

The reason that visualization and feeling the sensations works is because our mind cannot discern between what is real and what is imagined. So the amazing simplicity of this is that if you visualize your desire in detail and feel the body sensations of that visualization, your mind will be convinced that you are actually living that desire and by the Law of Attraction you will manifest that desire into reality.

Don’t think you can visualize? Go back and read the paragraphs about Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tiger Woods and the athletes.

Did you see them in your mind, Arnold on the stage, Tiger on the golf course, the runner in the stadium?

You did! You can visualise.

As I have said before, it not just the visualisation, it’s also, very importantly, the feeling of your visualisation. To help yourself, write down in detail what it is that you want to create in your life. What is it, where is it, what does it look like, taste like, who is also there, what are you doing, how are you feeling.

The more you can put yourself in the picture so to speak, the more easily you will be able to feel the situation you desire. You are looking to experience strong powerful feelings, not wishy washy ones. It is the intensity of your emotions that will bring about the manifestation of your desire.

A wonderful way to know that you’ve ‘got it’ is when you are visualising your desire, feeling the sensations and you suddenly realise that you are smiling and that you feel happy – that’s when you know you are powerfully creating your own reality.

So as you will come to see it’s not thoughts that create our reality but our emotions and our feelings that create our reality. It really is a feeling universe!

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