Things to Consider About Steam Cleaners

When it comes to cleaning, one of the most effective machines to consider is a steam cleaner. However, one misconception many users fall prey to is that any steam cleaner will ensure a thorough cleaning job. This isn’t completely true – while steam cleaners themselves are excellent cleaning tools, they come in many different models with a range of different features. Some machines might not be the best option for certain surfaces. It’s best to know a little bit about these machines before deciding on one for your cleaning project.

What Is A Steam Cleaner?
First of all, it’s important to understand what makes these steam cleaning machine different from other cleaning machines. Steam cleaners use the power of high temperatures and super-heated steam in order to lift off tough deposits and stains from surfaces. Unlike pressure washers, which use high pressure to blast dirt off the surfaces, these cleaners remove dirt by dissolving them, making tough sedimentation and stains much easier to remove. However, since very high temperatures are used, these steam cleaners are not recommended for cleaning surfaces like soft plastic or any other surface that could be damaged by high heat.

The super-heated steam used in these machines is also known as dry vapor. This is very effective in removing a range of deposits like dirt, food residues, oil or grime deposits. These machines are also a great tool for spot-cleaning carpets or upholstery. Since the high temperatures and dry vapor are such powerful cleaning tools, steam cleaners are also effective ways to sanitize and disinfect surfaces. Depending on your cleaning needs, there is a range of different steam cleaning units to choose from.

Big or Small
Steam cleaners can be used for domestic, commercial, and industrial applications. Industrial steam cleaners need to reach temperatures of up to 360°F and pressure levels of up to 150 psi. These are the ideal pressure and temperature levels for rugged cleaning jobs. Apart from that, commercial steam cleaning machines should be versatile and flexible enough to deal with different consumer needs. For instance, these machines should be equipped to allow continuous use through direct water feed or a refill chamber.

When opting for vapor steam cleaners, it’s important to look for units that have specialized technologies that will protect the boiler from calcium and scale build up. You shouldn’t have to use harmful chemicals to get rid of these kinds of build-up, since they can weaken and corrode the components of the machine.

These machines generally don’t require the use of cleaning agents but if you do choose to use one, make sure you opt for green chemicals, which won’t harm the environment. However, it’s best to go for units that have technology which can kill most bacteria and molds. It’s also a good idea to opt for machines that can filter out allergens and other elements from the water.

Given the many different kinds of steam cleaners that are out there, it’s best to know which machine will best suit your individual cleaning needs.

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