Directing Your Thoughts to Power Prosperity

Thought is a very powerful energy and the way you think reflects on who you are.

Directing our thought energy can be very powerful in allowing prosperity into our lives, and this includes health, happiness and all that we ever want to be or have.

Your mind is made up of the conscious and the subconscious mind, the conscious mind directs the way you see, hear, feel, taste, smell and generally how you perceive things initially.

The subconscious mind directs your internal body functions such as your lungs, liver, nervous system, etc. including your powerful inner unlimited mind’s resources which is where your true personal aspirations and seat of wisdom lie.

A simple illustration of how this works is as follows:

The conscious mind which is in touch with the external surroundings and events would usually transmit information from different sources, based on what you see, hear, smell or taste and generally would form an opinion based on your experiences in life, your beliefs, social environment, or your personal preferences.

This information is then transmitted to the subconscious mind which takes its direction from the conscious mind, being that the conscious mind is in touch with the outside world through your senses.

The subconscious mind is always agreeable to whatever the conscious mind decides and so will throw its unlimited resources towards achieving it. This process applies whether the thought is negative or positive. The subconscious mind does not differentiate or argue, it always accepts the decision of your conscious mind.

Although the subconscious mind has unlimited resources it must work naturally in conjunction with your conscious mind as a whole.

So, when there’s a lot of negativity in the thought process, this negative and unproductive energy passes through from the conscious to the subconscious mind and eventually turns into a habit which becomes part of the person’s nature over the long term.

Negative habits repeated over time can be detrimental to the body’s health, and could lead to illnesses such as stress, depression, anxiety and would also inhibit progress towards achieving your true success goals or aspirations from a deeper level.

Hence, it’s important to control thought in the first place so that you can awaken the “Positive Creative Powerful Energy” already within you to constantly flow through and allow your unlimited minds resources to truly work on your behalf.

You may be surprised to know that some people never ever really recognize this power and so they live their lives oblivious of the wonderful mind power resources that exist within.

In a recent research in 2001 at the Harvard School of Public Health and Department of Veterans in Boston, it was discovered that people who took a more positive and optimistic view of life in general had half the risks of coronary heart disease compared to their more pessimistic counterparts.

In another study at Yale University in 2002, it was found that thinking positively about ageing can add approximately seven and a half years to your life.

So, understanding how to direct thought is the most wonderful activity that can be controlled from within, because when mastered, this will then allow you to create your desires as a direct fulfilment of your very own thought power.

In addition, the control of thoughts allow the expression of you as you wish it to be from a deeper level, engaging the conscious mind on a fixed objective as usual, but allowing your subconscious mind to put its wonderful unlimited resources to work for you.

In doing this, your action would be to direct and engage both minds in harmony with your true Prosperity Desires or Lifestyle Aspirations.

Practicing this “Control of Thoughts” constantly and diligently will allow you to gradually and eventually understand how to take absolute control of circumstances and events around you.

In time, you’ll begin to appreciate the pleasures of directing your thoughts to prosperity or other specific life aspirations you have, which should open the doors for better health, improved circumstances, happiness and harmony with your true creative nature whatsoever your desires may be.

You’ll discover that keeping your conscious mind saturated with Peace, Positivity, Gratitude, Love, Confidence, Joy, Willpower, Success, Happiness, Persistence, Strength, and Focus in harmony with your subconscious mind will gradually and eventually lead to “Exuding this Power Mind Force” that will enable you to break every single barrier that has ever stood in your way.

Now the question is, how do you start this whole process in practice?

Starting today, become more aware of your thoughts “All Day Long”

You can repeat affirmations such as the following:

“My mind is a powerful thought energy source and I am directing this energy towards my inner desires through constant control of thoughts”

Affirm this many times daily and let the “FEELINGS” of this settle within you. You can also affirm words like peace, success, positivity, confidence as they apply personally to you.

Feel the true meaning of these words as they apply to you specifically and make each word a personal thing.

As you do this daily, you’ll form the habit, the habit then becomes and feels part of your nature, and eventually this will gradually become embedded deep in your subconscious mind while gradually replacing negative emotions and feelings that may have worn you down in the past.

Drop by drop, like essential oils to the soul, your powerful resource will be laying the foundations for creating the life you desire as you persist daily in this and the control of your conscious mind.

Agree within yourself to live in harmony with these words, become thought conscious, rather than let your thoughts loose to roam aimlessly. As time goes on, trickle by trickle eventually your subconscious mind will commence the work of directing its’ unlimited resources to your cause.

Do not strain or feel any anxiety in doing this, you need to be relaxed, and just take this as an enjoyable therapy towards your Prosperity.

Another important key point is to agree on doing things one at a time. So you choose your most immediate objective and the others are arranged to follow in an orderly procession.

Always seek the guidance of your subconscious mind in choosing an objective that is more of the “real immediate priority to you”. Think the priority out carefully and once you decide that this is the one to tackle first, then focus your thoughts on the outcome you want to see. Your subconscious mind will eventually direct you diligently and gracefully, taking on the challenges along the way until you achieve it.

It’s important not to be tempted to focus on too many things, as this leads to scattered thought with no purpose, no direction and consequently no achievement. Choose to make your objective one at a time and let the others be scheduled into your plan.

Focusing and directing your minds’ resources in harmony with your true desires is the key to all great achievements and prosperity in life.

James Allen, a great contributor in the subject of Thoughts Power once explained that “if you alter your thoughts towards things and other people, then things and other people will alter towards you”.

In another statement he also said “Let a man radically alter his thoughts and he will be astonished at the rapid transformation it will effect in the material conditions of his life. The divinity that shapes our ends is ourselves.”

So, Prosperity in the Life and any other aspirations you have will begin making its way towards you when you begin to think and direct your actions towards prosperity, knowing that “Thought” is the start of the creative process.

You also understand that what manifests out of thoughts is that which we habitually focus on, be it consciously or unconsciously.

When you become conscious of your prosperity desires, you begin to direct this consciousness wilfully and diligently into your subconscious mind, trusting it to unfold the circumstances and events including the actions you need to take that will lead to your Prosperity objectives.

The important thing to note here is that to have Prosperity in your life, you must be conscious of it, you then build this consciousness in as a habit for it to become part of you. The actions that would then follow, which is necessary to accomplish your desires would be purely a natural process of reaping that which you have already taken time to sow.

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