Cancel Cancel, Those Negative Thoughts

Your brain is the most amazing super-computer on the planet and you are the commander at the helm. You are 100% in control of your own brain thoughts and what you think really does matter.

You can stop negative thoughts. Think of them as garbage, seriously, they are trash that clutters up your brain and diverts energy from all the other positive things you could be thinking about. How many of you can relate to thinking that you can’t do something, or thinking that someone will be angry or irritated if you do, or thinking you will be humiliated if you carry out an action? What about those thoughts that tell you you’re afraid of heights, or that you can’t take a trip because it’s too expensive?

Believe it or not, we ALL have those little negative, nagging thoughts. How well do you control your thoughts? I’m here to tell you that it does take practice. The first step is to recognize that they occur. You begin paying attention and being conscious. Begin noticing just what it is that’s going on inside that head of yours.

I went to cold call on a Spa Owner just the other day. I’m pretty good with people and talking and what happened that day amazed me. I’m walking down the street to the Spa, turn to walk up a few steps towards the door, and I freeze! My thoughts were “Oh, they look busy. There are people congregating around the counter. I don’t want to interrupt.” Now if that isn’t a crock of stuff, I don’t know what is! Those thoughts just came blaring in and I back peddled down the few steps to the safety of the sidewalk. I shocked myself big time!

Of course they are busy… they are a successful Spa for goodness sake! Of course there are people at the counter… those would be the customers that make it successful! Of course I don’t need to interrupt but I can ask for permission to talk with them! I certainly will be respectful of their time and their business. Whew… those negative thoughts could have knocked me out of the game. Can you relate?

So, now you’re probably asking, what can I do? Well, that is an excellent question! Here’s the answer… whenever you think of garbage thoughts (and only you know what those negative garbage thoughts are for you personally), say to yourself out loud “CANCEL, CANCEL!” This SIMPLE and EASY step trains your brain to disregard the garbage. You interrupt the negative thought and stop it. This seemingly simple technique is so powerful because it trains your brain so that it knows what you no longer want. It keeps your thoughts focused on what you do want. Now, how cool is that? I learned this little technique over 15 years ago and still use it today! Why not… it works!

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