Branded Laptops – Brand Given a Tribute by Little Things Called Laptops

The customer is certainly not a person who is unaware about brands and, therefore, the meaning of them. Hence, he certainly knows the advantages associated with buying products belonging to well known brands.There are many sectors which have all the renowned brands featuring products that are quite expensive. Hence, the wish to own products sporting famous brand names is capable of getting fulfilled for only those persons who do not have any problems when it comes to spending money.However, customer satisfaction is now the mainstay of most of the companies in the world today and, therefore, there are now many sectors which have many companies who not only have a global brand image but also have a fantastic fan following in the form of a huge number of customers.

The sector of laptops is one of the golden examples that can be given. The number of brands in this sector has enabled human beings to have a wide pool of choices. Latest laptops are, therefore, realities and that too present in impressive numbers. There are many laptops that can be taken as examples made by those companies which are witnessing a high level of popularity from customers due to having renowned brand names.

For all those who have not yet made a venture into the world of laptops, here are some names of companies that have created a name for themselves by making fantastic Laptops:

1. Sony
2. Apple
3. Compaq
4. Acer
5. Dell
6. HCL
7. Lenovo
8. Asus
9. Toshiba
10. IBM

The laptops that are made by these companies command a worldwide preference. In fact, some of the laptops have become the major brand identities for the companies in the current era.

One can take the example of Sony Vaio laptops in India which have certainly created quite an uproar (a good one) among customers. It seems that everyone wants to get a Sony Vaio for themselves.This ‘want’ is certainly not an empty one as it has stolid reasons behind it in the form of all the marvellous features that are present in Sony Vaio laptops. One can have an idea about the features while considering the example of the Sony Vaio SZ.

Some of the features present in the Sony Vaio SZ are:

1. The processor in this laptop is the Intel core Duo T2400
2. The performance of the processor is boosted with the usage of
1. Highly improved SpeedStep technology
2. A power optimised bus
3. The chipset which is a Mobile Intel 945GM Express
4. The Data bus speed being 667 MHz
3. A RAM of 1 GB
4. A 13.3 inches TFT screen which has a screen resolution of 1280 x 800.
5. A Lithium Ion battery (which is well known for its reliability and long battery life).
6. The Microsoft Windows XP professional is the operating system of this laptop

Hence, this example is perhaps, the most effective illustration of the advance features that are present in branded laptops. The Sony Vaio SZ is not the only laptop which can be quoted as an example. Hence, let this article conclude with a list of some of the well known laptops that are becoming more and more famous with every passing day. Here is the eye opening list featuring some examples:

1. Apple MacBook Pro Summer 2009
2. HP Mini 5101
3. Asus Eee PC 1005HA
4. Toshiba E105-S15602
5. Alienware M17X

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