Joy – God’s Life My Life

Joy I Am

Wellspring of Joy
Floods my heart
Overflowing gratitude
For what’s my part

In sharing Love
With all the world
Of kindred souls
I’ve found the pearl

The priceless treasure
For which I trade
In fullest measure
The world I made

Of sickness and death
Of scarcity and woe
Gratitude in every breath
For now I know

That God’s my Self
And you’re my brother
That all is one
That there’s no other

Live in the now
No future or past
Only joy in your heart
Peace, freedom at last

God’s life in us is the only life we have. Take that spirit away and the body has no life of its own. The life in all universes, everywhere and everywhen is the same God life as gives us life. Those who extend that life (Infinite Love), to their fellow man, without measure, are making right use of their God-given life energy.

Those who are caught up in the ego’s world of fear, pain and loss are seen to be misusing, if you will, their God-given life energy. There is no moral right or wrong here as everyone is doing his or her best to find happiness. Dysfunctional behaviour in trying to ‘be’ happy is usually, if not always, the result of negative experiences in early life.

It will always be that the difficulties experienced by the second group are because they are trying to achieve happiness and success in life without God or a Higher Power. Their life experiences have left them feeling ‘outside’ and separate from God and everyone else.

You can be equally sure that the first group may also have experienced a difficult life but who generally seem to have a peaceful and happy life, to whatever degree, have partnered with a Higher Power. The important thing to realize is that neither group is better or worse than the other. While one may be living in error, (there is no sin, guilt or shame), the one and the same ‘life’ of God is equally in both.

The ego uses error and its consequences to reinforce feelings of guilt and shame in us. The Holy Spirit uses the same consequences to inspire us to see and admit that, on our own, we cannot succeed in living a life of peace and joy.

A person may be wildly successful financially and politically but experience only emptiness and frustration inside. The ego uses that emptiness and frustration to try to convince us to despair. The Holy Spirit uses the same emptiness and frustration to point out the futility of trying to live successfully without God.

This has been proven over and over again in 12 step programs, be it AA, NA, Overeaters Anonymous, Work addiction and many more, all using the same 12 steps. The life of the members of this program before coming to the program was a life of ever increasing disaster on all levels. Joining a 12-step group that addressed their issues, doing and living the 12 steps in all their affairs, millions of lives have been dramatically changed for the better.

We are spiritual beings and trying to live without a spiritual connection, a Higher Power, is to invite misery.

Prayer: Today and every day Father I invite You, through the Holy Spirit, to direct me in everything I think, say and do. Only in You and with You does my life have any meaning. In every situation I still my ‘thinking’ and listen for that inner voice to tell me what to do or say. In doing so, I finally achieve ever more Peace, Love, Joy and Freedom.


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