The Manifestation of Thoughts Into Real Things

Napoleon Hill reflected in his book “Thoughts Are Things”. Yet, to this date most people fail to understand its profundity. A person who is unfamiliar with the idea of manifestation may find this statement to be nonsensical. However a person who is success conscious will find it to be powerful and will realize life’s most valuable secret. A mere thought in a person’s mind has led to the most amazing discoveries in every era. The Wright brothers thought about flying and laid the foundation for the mean machines that we today call aircraft. Bill Gates’ thoughts and dreams manifested themselves into the computer revolution of today. They understood the power of their thoughts and the working of the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction says that like attracts like and it can be expressed as follows:

“A thought which attracts other similar kind of thoughts in turn attract people holding similar thoughts, which then attract such circumstances that are in tandem with the thoughts thus leading to the desired things which manifest themselves in physical form.”

Things, at the level of thought, are nothing but a kind of random energy that is waiting to be “gathered”. However they are also very real. Just like we can not see electricity, but no body would deny its existence, similarly thoughts are also very real. A good reason for maintaining this is that any invention or development done by mankind is a result of a thought. In more precise words, things are “manifested” into the real world from our imaginations by the persistence of thought. 

Scientists have always taught us that the entire universe is composed of energy. This energy has certain frequency. Our thoughts are also energy but in its primitive state. Just like a radio antenna, thought energy also radiates frequencies. The thought frequency level determines the levels of physical manifestation and the circumstance that we have. Thought frequencies that are low correspond to a physical expression of comparable frequencies, while thought frequencies of higher levels correspond to people, things, or circumstance of comparable frequencies.

The main thing to keep in mind is that your thoughts are not some imaginary things; they are in fact, very real. Be assured this is as true as the fact that the earth is round. Thus holding your thought long enough is surely going to lead them to manifest in the reality.

So, what are you waiting for? Go, think good and prosperous thoughts for yourself. Think of the riches, the unfulfilled desires and cherished relationships….whatever you desire. The only thing that can now limit you is the limitation of your thoughts. The Law of Attraction actually works. The only action required from you is to keep a check on your thoughts.

Think of a great life. Sure enough it will manifest itself.

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