Dinner Party Planning

Sitting down with some friends or family members to a cozy and elegant dinner has a classy flavor. We all feel that when attending to a dinner party. May be it’s because the shivering candle light. Or because the sound made by the porcelain in contact with the forks. Or possibly it’s our gift to enjoy food and company of dear ones.

In any case to throw a dinner party is an appropriate excuse to get together even there is no special reason to do so. Planning this kind of party is, in a way, a different thing from planning other parties. In most situations there are not so many guests at a dinner party. Because of that and because all the guests are close friends or relatives, the atmosphere is much more intimate. In a this party the focus is on the food. While other parties are buffets or appetizers (like cocktail parties) a dinner party is a sit down dinner.

The guest list will be limited by the number of people that can sit at your table comfortably. Many times the best way to introduce a couple of friends to each other is to throw a dinner party and invite both of them. Another good reason to throw a this type of party can be that you want to brag about your cooking skills and that you want to experiment with your friends new recipes. Being a intimate party you should put some thought in to who should be on your guest list. If the guests will have mutual subjects for conversation, if they are in good relations with each other.

The supplies are a very important thing to consider in a dinner party planning. You can not supply cheap plastic forks and paper plates; this is not that kind of party. Here the emphasis is on style and making your guests feeling welcome. If you don’t have something adequate to the situation you may want to consider renting. You may also want to use candles on the table. Their light will warm the atmosphere. But this depends on the occasion and your style and taste. Use a linen table cloth and match the napkins with it. You can rent it if you don’t have this.

You should think of the space for the party, you want everyone to feel comfortable. Many times you will start a dinner party with cocktails to give the guests the time to arrive, so you will need space for people to mingle. Be sure that at the table each guest have the space to move their chair away and that they sit comfortable. If at your party you will want to serve many courses then the guests will have to stay sited for a while. After dinner you will want to move your guests to a place where they can relax. After the great meal you just served they will enjoy a place to digest. For that a comfortable living room can be the perfect spot.

Planning a dinner party is the easiest party to plan. Remember that being the host mean that you will set the mod and that is your job to stimulate the conversation around the table. But you have to be relaxed, after all this is a party and you want to enjoy it. So, have fun!

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