Meditation For a Better You

Meditation briefly, is a state of consciousness where the mind is able to control its thoughts.

People who practice meditation are able to increase their concentration, awareness and have an overall positive outlook on life. Most people associate meditation with Buddhists or Monks. But anyone can learn the art of meditation. You don’t even have to go to a temple or special place to meditate. It can be done right in your own home.

There are different ways to meditate but the principles are basically the same. The main principle is clearing the mind of negative, obstructive and wandering thoughts to help calm the mind. This readies the mind for a deeper quality of activity.
Whatever it is you have on your mind, especially those negative thoughts, must be released so your mind can now concentrate on something more meaningful. One way you can do this is to shut out all sight and sounds to help you concentrate even more. Now it’s time to focus on a deeper more profound thought or whatever it is you are trying to achieve.
It may seem a little difficult at first.  Learning to concentrate and getting used to the quiet and stillness of your surroundings, but as you practice you will get accustomed to it and even identify things that are around you even though you can’t physically see them.
Choose a comfortable Position
You may have noticed that when some people meditate they sit in what may seem like uncomfortable positions. However, you just need to find a position that is comfortable for you, one where you can concentrate and focus with ease. It can be sitting in a yoga type style, lying down, standing up or even walking. Once it is a position that can help you relax and focus. If you choose to sit or stand, make sure your back is straight, but not tense. If you choose to lie down just don’t fall asleep. Wear clothing that is loose and comfortable and can ‘breathe’ on you.
Identify an Appropriate Place
Wherever you choose to perform your meditation it must have a calm and soothing atmosphere, whether it is your bedroom, living room, gym or basement. If you want to sit or lie on the floor use an exercise mat. You might even want to try some of the more complex positions if you are the type of person who likes to take on a challenge. Fix up the place in such a way so it can help soothe your senses.  Silence is the best way to help you relax and meditate so make sure the place you choose is free from distractions such as the telephone ringing. You can also try some incense or light some fragrant candles to help improve the atmosphere.
Focus and Concentrate
You may have noticed on television the monks making certain sounds while meditating. They are performing their mantra which is a short creed that holds some mystic value to them. It is not necessary for you to do the same, but you can do some deep breathing or humming to help you get into a higher state of consciousness. The important thing is to focus. You can focus on a particular thought or idea or pick out something in the room and keep your eye on that object if you do not wish to keep your eyes closed.
One thing you can use for your meditation is – if you are constantly subject to headaches – to focus on your head. Become aware of the tension you feel in your head. Then mentally release this tension. It really works.
Meditation is a painless, risk-free practice that can derive real benefits to you. It is now becoming very popular for spiritual as well as self improvement growth.

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