How to Sell More of Your Crafts Now by Writing Articles

Your work-at-home craft business – it has the potential to become everything you ever wanted. It’s an opportunity to use your talent and creativity to earn an income from home, or at least supplement your current income.

You’ve put up a website. Gone to a few craft fairs. Handed out a freshly printed business card to every stranger who stops to talk to you.

But now that you’re here, ready to go, no one is buying. Sure, you may have had one or two customers. But that’s not nearly enough to pay for everything you’ve put into your business, is it? Never mind the bills stacking up beside your phone. You don’t have a lot of money to pay for a marketing campaign. And time? Sometimes that’s even rarer.

Does any of that sound familiar?

It’s actually a description of my very first work-at-home business. And the next step I took was to close up shop, pack away my work-at-home dreams and go back to crafting for family and friends who appreciated my hard work with their hugs and thank you’s, if not their wallets.

If I knew then what I know now… I would have taken a much different step. I would have started writing articles about my crafts and letting others publish them. It’s called article marketing and it’s easy way for any work-at-home business owner to market their business effectively. It takes very little time, and it doesn’t cost any money to do. Most importantly, it works!

You simply write articles that educate your market about your crafts and the value they can add to their lives. Then you allow others to publish them. In exchange for your article, they give you a link back to your website. The article readers can follow the link to learn more about your crafts, sign up for your newsletter, and hopefully make a purchase.

At the end of your craft article, be sure to add an author’s resource box that includes your name and a link to your website. Then submit it to article directories, blogs, website owners, and newsletter publishers where your target market will read it. You can even send it to print magazines and your local newspaper and find out if they’re interested in printing it.

While your new article is busily marketing your craft business across the Internet, you’ll have a few extra hours to put into your next original design or your next crafting article.

Denise Willms is Certified Article Marketing Virtual Assistant who publishes your work-at-home articles at Want to know more about writing articles for your craft business? Visit and register for your free membership to get all your article marketing questions answered.

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