The Difference Between Criminal And Civil Law

There are significant differences between criminal and civil proceedings. This includes the protections due to the defendants, like against ex post facto law. This means that people cannot be punished for acts that were not illegal during the time of its execution; people should not be punished if there is no law punishing such act.

A criminal defendant also has protection from double jeopardy. This means that a defendant who is found not guilty for an offense cant be charged for the same offense.

These protections are not available for defendants in a civil case. However, in the principle of double jeopardy, the corresponding protection for defendants in a civil case is res judicata which means that the plaintiff can only file one claim against one occurrence.

Aside from differences when it comes to the proceedings involved in both civil and criminal cases, it is important to note the significant difference between the legal practitioners that practice these specific lines of defense. In several places and specific states and cities, like Jacksonville, there are law firms available to help people in need of legal advice to determine the proper lawyer they should be contacting. A Jacksonville family lawyer like many others is a good example of a beneficial way to learn more about the difference between a civil and a criminal case.

It is very important to determine first what type of case is at hand. This is necessary because specific lawyers provide for a more powerful legal defense. Although lawyers can be of great help when it comes to general matters, being more specific allows for a greater chance to access knowledge and experience. A Jacksonville criminal attorney can offer adequate advice for clients who are in need of legal advice concerning criminal proceedings.

Although a family lawyer can do the trick, it is still more advisable to be more specific. A Jacksonville family lawyer may be able to determine the criminal aspects of the case, however, no one does it better that a criminal lawyer. Likewise, a criminal attorney may be able to see some of the criminal aspects of a family case, but only a family lawyer can point out the civil aspects more accurately. Therefore, in order to be successful in a specific legal proceeding, it is important to determine the particular differences to be able to choose a more specific person for the job.

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