Zumba Classes, Fitness Hoop and Belly Dancing For Fitness – The Hottest Fitness Trends

Do you know what the biggest problem with exercise routines is? Boredom… fortunately one of the latest fitness trends may just introduce you to a fun workout that will have you dancing and twisting about.

Forget the days of aerobics, cardio this, Kick box that, or stepping up and down aerobics. Zumba classes, Belly Dancing and Fitness Hoop are the latest exercise classes to hit America.

These are just some of the “new aerobics” classes that you will find at your local health club or fitness center. Remember while you’re having fun you will also obtain benefits such as these:

* Building tone and muscle strength

* Condition your cardiovascular system

* Lower your blood pressure

* Decreased depression and increased serotonin level

* You will increase your bone density

* A greater calorie burn that will result in fat loss

* Your balance will improve

* Immune system will be boosted

* Greater flexibility which may prevent injuries


Zumba is a Colombian Spanish slang term for “to move fast and have fun.” In the 1990s celebrity choreographer and professional dancer Alberto Beto Perez created Zumba. It was actually all started by accident nevertheless Zumba today has over 20,000 instructors and is in over 30 countries throughout the world. Zumba DVD sales have exceeded 3 million and it’s just beginning.

This style of aerobic exercise is based on Latin music inspired dance movements from such dances as:

* Salsa

* Merengue

* Cha-cha

* Rumba

* And many others

Recently, hip-hop, Country Western, popular tunes and other exciting dances have been added to the Zumba arsenal. This has made Zumba one of the fastest-growing dance-based fitness crazes in the country. It has a unique advantage of allowing all people, of all ages to enjoy the easy to follow dance steps while at the same time getting their bodies toned and in shape.

Fitness Hula Hoop

Perhaps you’re old enough to remember the hula hoop or have seen one on an old-time television show. Well it has made a comeback and is now being used to shed body fat and burn calories. While spending a hoop around your stomach may seem simple enough they can take some practice to get it down right. Hooping classes as they are called can burn up to 100 calories and 10 minutes. That’s comparable to running at a moderate pace.

Hula hooping does offer a great workout for your core of Donald muscles. It also provides many benefits for a healthy heart. Stronger midsection is very important to reduce the risk of back pain and injury. The same muscles are used in most everyday activities. After all don’t you want a toned midsection?

Belly Dancing For Fitness

From out of Egypt came belly dancing it was originally practiced only by women but today anyone can benefit from this form of exercise. This exercise while it does not invoke the cardiovascular benefits of Zumba or hula hooping does work out most of your body.

Of course before you start any workout program make sure that you check with your doctor and get his okay before you begin anything too strenuous. You can find classes in your area for any of these three aerobic workouts by checking online or in a local newspaper. There are other popular fitness trends such as Pilates, boxing, body flow and Jazzercise. They can be as effective as these three. If there are no Zumba classes in your area don’t despair there are videotapes or DVDs sold online that can have you dancing your way into fitness in no time.

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