The Joy of Living the Secret

Do you feel stressed about by making attempts to living The Secret day in and day out? Does it frustrate you? I have some incredible news for you. Living The Secret is easy, fun and joyful. You need to change your mindset a little bit (don’t worry, I know that sounds scary), and you will realize that all of this is a lot easier than you think.

Tell me if you agree: Since you learned about the Law of Attraction, your overall life experience has been slightly worse than before you heard it. There is a reason for this: you started to attempt to be conscious of your thoughts, started setting goals, and didn’t reach them. Eventually, you became so aware of what was missing in your life, that you weren’t getting anywhere.

The day I discovered the key to actually living The Secret, I have been pretty satisfied. You must feel like there is nothing missing in your experience. You already have everything you want, no exceptions .

The Law of Attraction is basically a two way street: The most common route, and the WRONG route is as follows: People focus around the problem of what they don’t yet have. When you give your attention to something that is missing in your experience, you are not allowing it to vibrationally enter your experience. This is the essence of the Law of Attraction.

The correct route would be to relax, and treat life as if everything is perfect. The key is that you are going to be completely shifting your emotions, and you will see that you feel great. When you pretend like you already have everything that you want, you are vibrationally aligned with the things that you are asking for, and the Law of Attraction will deliver them to you every single time. This is the joy of living the secret.

If you are serious about living The Secret, then this is an excellent starting point for you.

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