Lower Ab Exercises For the Gym

There are many exercise options available these days that doesn’t necessarily involves going to the gym, including exercises for lower abs. However, if you already go to the gym, this may be one type of exercise you don’t focus on while you are there. There are some great lower ab workouts that you can do at the gym that may make your stomach look better than it ever has. Don’t limit yourself that crunches are the only way to get a six pack abs. Check out these options you have available and include them in your regular workout routine for an even more defined shape.

One of the most popular lower ab workouts you can get at the gym is The Captain’s Chair exercise. This piece of equipment has arm rests that you support yourself on and then bring the knees up towards your chest. Your abdominals are contracted as you raise your knees, working the rectus abdominus.

The rowing machine is an oldie but goodie that not only gives you great lower ab workouts, but involves your arms and back muscles as well! It even provides you with a cardiovascular workout while you are sitting still. Not every gym still has them but if yours does, don’t pass them up.

The seated ab machine may be more comfortable than lying in the floor and doing crunches. It also offers versatility in your lower ab workouts since you can change your resistance and your range of motion. Some of these machines have you place a roll in front of you which you lean down in crunch-like form to push down while others have overhead handles that you pull down in front of you.

There are numerous styles of machines designed to work your obliques. The traditional waist machine is a seat which requires you to turn from side to side by pushing a drop-down handle to each side. This is a great way to decrease your waistline.

There have always been crunch boards and inclines to use for lower abdominal workouts but these are just ways of intensifying your crunches. Adding an incline to your lower ab workouts may put more strain on your back and should be used only by those who are in excellent, athletic shape.

Many gyms which have areas specifically dedicated for women to use will have the majority of the equipment used for lower ab workouts in this area. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t for men to use as well, only that women are the ones more likely to use these means to get fit abs.

Although there are machines that are used specifically to tone, tighten, and strengthen your abdominals, you have to do more than lower ab workouts to get a truly toned middle. Cardiovascular exercise and strength training are important to get your body in its best shape. Getting all of your muscles toned will give you an overall fit appearance that lower ab workouts alone cannot provide.

Lastly, remember you can not turn fats into muscles! Therefore if you want a great six pack abs, you need to focus on losing those stored fats in your stomach first before those lower ab exercises can be useful to you!

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