Nikola Tesla, Ahead of His Time. A Little In regards to the Little Known Inventor, and his Fantastic Creations

Nikola Tesla believed in making electrical power without cost available to consumers, but he lived in in an time of exploding commercial progress where every thing was being utilised for profit.

Along with this article, you’ll find on my website these files (free of charge)… Magnifying Transmitter Isolated, and modern fluorescent lamps, and Magnifying Transmitter Tower 3d Design. See link at bottom of article.

Nikola Tesla applied a unique method to his inventions. He demanded perfection, and always solved complex engineering problems with rather simple and elegant solutions. In his time he was considered to be a sort of magician, in addition to an engineer, providing stunning exhibits of lightning and electrical energy and phenomenons of many varieties.

The Inventions of Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla

* Alternating Current Motor

* Multiphase Power System

* Fluorescent Light

* Hydroelectric Generator

* Radio and Radar

* Tesla Coil

* Loud Speaker

* Practical Use of Xrays

* Wireless Transmission of Energy

These days as sort of technological late bloomers, we are now utilizing fluorescent light as being a standard…whereas he introduced it long in the past. (See free images link at bottom of this post for a modern fluorescent lamp 3d render.)

The Magnifying Transmitter, Tesla’s Greatest Invention

Tesla’s most significant invention would never be completed though. The Magnifying Transmitter, standing about 187 feet tall, pictured in this article (url below), was meant to deliver electricity invisibly via the air with no wires. Tesla claimed the whole earth could possibly be powered by this invention, and without loss of power in transmission.

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Keeping it Totally free…

In line with Tesla’s Desire to keep it free of charge you will discover on my website illustrations of his inventions as well as a free of charge 3d model of the Magnifying Transmitter tower that was used to render them, along with a link to the free open source software Blender 3d to be able to open it!

Notes regarding model: When I created this I had mostly visual references to work from. This model is an excellent likeness of the tower, but not strictly exact. This is due to the fact accurate info with regards to its design was not available besides a few loosely described dimensions and a few difficult to judge photos.

This is the very first time this model has ever been released to the general public.

Nikola Tesla Wardenclyffe Magnifying Transmitter Tower Resources — Images and 3d Model of Tesla Tower, at

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