Do Yoga At Home

Where else would you feel completely relaxed doing yoga than in the privacy and comfort of your own home? With Yoga exercise DVDs, you can know bring this experience home with you.

Yoga uses a combination of breathing and physical exercises to rejuvenate your body. All of those aches and pains that you suffer from on a daily basis will begin to fade away. Regardless of whether you are a university student looking for something to do between study breaks or an older adult looking for a relaxing yet beneficial workout, doing yoga at home can transform your life.

At Home or in a Studio?

Many people ask themselves whether or not they should do yoga at home or in a yoga studio. The choice is really up to you, but if you are looking for a way to save time and money, then doing yoga at home can be more beneficial to you.

With a Yoga DVD you will be able to choose your experience level and workout whenever you like. At a studio or in a gym, you would have to work around your instructors schedule. If you just really need to relax, then having a Yoga DVD at home will allow you that peace and serenity on demand.

Working out at home also causes less stress because you do not need to rush to the gym. Just turn down the lights and create your own Yoga vibe in your living room.

Why Should You do Yoga?

There are many reasons why people choose to do yoga over other forms of exercise. Believe it or not, for a low impact exercise, yoga can transform your body. Not only will you begin to shed the kilos but you will also create body-mind awareness.

Yoga can help to increase flexibility and it can also prevent aging diseases such as osteoporosis. Joints are relieved and energy begins to flow through your body which helps to eliminate the pains of arthritis.

Yoga also creates incredible core strength. Certain yoga exercises will help to stretch your abdominal muscles which in turn will help to strengthen them. Yoga focuses on balance and much of this comes from our core. The more you practice yoga consistently, the better strength your abdominal core will have. Some of the best and most common yoga positions for both advanced and novice are:

* Triangle Pose
* Up Dog
* Tree Pose
* Bending Forward Pose
* Bridge Pose
* Locust Pose
* Cat Pose

Yoga also introduces yoga crunches to its practitioners for additional core strength training.

What Do You Need to Do Yoga at Home?

There is minimal equipment necessary for doing yoga at home. Really all you need is yourself and your Yoga DVD to instruct you. The most common piece of equipment used is a yoga mat which you can purchase in many places including sporting goods stores and even the supermarket. Other useful yoga tools are straps, chairs and blocks. You can either purchase these pieces or simply improvise using chairs in your home and belts or towels as straps.

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