Yoga Exercises

Yoga is a combination of exercises, postures, and meditation that have been practiced for many years. It is spiritual practice in Hinduism whereas in the western world it is in the form of physical exercise.

In the western world, people are more concerned about being fit and healthy. Hence, yoga has become a very popular form of physical exercise in the western countries.

Yoga exercises can be done by all the individuals from young to old. Yoga exercises can also be utilized for treating diseases. There are yoga exercises especially for the people with heart problems or with some other health condition. These exercises can be utilized as supplementary therapy for diseases such as cancer, asthma, and AIDS.

The exercise system which is a blend of yoga and pilates is known as yoga pilates. This system was created by Jonathan Urla, who is a certified pilates instructor and yoga practitioner. In this exercise system, practice of hatha yoga is integrated with Pilates methodology in order to design this complete exercise system.

While performing yoga exercises, you can experiment with the different yoga poses. You can stop doing the poses, when you feel that you are not comfortable doing it.

There are different types of yoga poses. They are enlisted below:

Arm balances
Restorative and relaxation poses
Seating and standing poses
Mudra and bandha
Counter poses
Balancing poses
Forward Bends
Backbends core standing

Tips to be considered while doing yoga and pilates practice are enlisted below:

Wear comfortable clothes that will assist you to perform the exercises properly
Use either yoga mat or rug for performing the different asanas for yoga
Avoid doing yoga poses in full stomach
Perform the exercises in well ventilated rooms
While performing any pose, if you feel uncomfortable then immediately come out it

Yoga exercises are a very useful defensive and remedial therapy. It helps in attaining peace of mind, increases concentration power, and brings about harmony in relationships. These exercises would help you in attaining physiological benefits, pain management, or as a remedy for psychological problems.

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