The Zumba Videos Are The Most Fun Workout Dvds Around

How much do you enjoy dancing? Maybe you’re looking to get in shape. The good news is that along with hundreds of thousands of people around the world, you’ll find the Zumba videos are a perfect choice to get in shape. Even though there are Zumba classes in thousands of health clubs worldwide, the great thing is that Zumba videos can be done out of your home.

So what exactly is Zumba?

The different types of dance styles include hip hop, jazz, flamenco, salsa, the mambo, and even the merengue. Now that’s what I call diversity. The Zumba videos are lead by Beto, the instructor, and he’s going to have you moving and shaking to a bunch of different fast paced dance routines. You’ll be doing these moves to the same rhythm as the other people on the videos. This is not only a wonderful exercise, but Zumba is also a lot of fun.

With the Zumba videos popularity raising so many more people have been able to learn some different cultures dances. It all started with classes based out of Miami, FL as the creator and choreographer, Beto Perez, began the meteoric rise of Zumba. His energy is very contageous as he brings the rhytmic techniques and passion. The rest is history as the Zumba videos were created and now classes are springing up just about everywhere you see a health club.

Why Does Zumba Work?

What makes Zumba different, because dancing for fitness is not a new idea by any means. Anyone that can go back and remember the 80’s most likely remember Richard Simmons and his Dancing to the Oldies. Thanksfully Zumba isn’t anything like that though. Zumba uses actually the dance steps themselves to go along with the different types of music that’s being played.

Zumba is definately becoming a great alternative for cardio and traditional aerobics training. You’ll consitantely be moving which will involve the entire body. You’ll simply burn many more calories involving your whole body which is obviously important. You’ll end up burning anywhere from 700-1000 calories during a one hour session, depending on the intensity that you bring.

It’s so much fun because these moves make it to where it doesn’t even feel like you’re working out. If you’re feeling good afterwards, you’ll be able to bring these dance moves out with you when you go out because you’ll learn how to move to the beat which means you’re actually doing real dancing. The Zumba videos are not only about burning calories, but it’s about having fun while doing so and learning some things.

Common Concerns

A lot of people before they start Zumba, are worried that they will not be able to keep it up. You’ll be doing the exercise in your own living room so there is nothing at all to worry about. If you struggle with a move that’s ok becuase the videos are designed so that you’ll be able to enjoy and move at your own pace. You can always just pause and rest if you’re having trouble with a particular dance.

All in all I highly recommend the Zumba videos as they are a great workout that is extremely enjoyable.

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