Reasons To Do The Dance Workout At Your Local Gym

Looking for a fun way to exercise? Dance exercise is great and most gyms offer this for their members. Dancing is no longer just for the young, but for everyone who is young at heart.

Sixty percent of us did dancing of some form as a child and most of us now regret hanging up our dancing shoes so soon, and would love to go back to it, but now think we are too old. Now is the time to dust off those old leotards and leg warmers and get back onto the dance floor.

Most woman have an inbuilt desire to dance, and if offered the opportunity to dance again, as well as lose some weight and tone up while doing it, will jump at the opportunity.

You can either call up your nearest dance studio and enquire about what they have to offer in the form of adult dancing classes, or you can check out the classes at your local gym. You might be surprised at what they have to offer in the way of fitness and dance classes.

A lot of the gyms have jumped on the band wagon and started to teach dance as an exercise form, and it is proving very popular. Zumba classes are the in thing at the moment. These are based on the Latin American form of dance and involve a lot of fast movements using a lot of hip movements and quick direction changes. If you watch the class, the women look like they are in seventh heaven they are having so much fun. The focus is on fun and fitness, and it really doesn’t matter what you look like, so you can lose all your inhibitions.

When you dance, your body is working muscles that don’t usually feature when doing other forms of exercise. Your body awareness will improve, as you will be made constantly aware of your posture.

Another benefit of doing dancing classes at the gym is that your heart rate will increase, as the movements are fast and high energy. Bone density and core stability will be vastly improved. You will no doubt end up with a strong and toned body.

As well as the physical benefits, your brain will also get a great workout. It takes a lot of concentration to get all your dance steps to flow.

Need any more reasons? You will feel incredibly sexy dancing to the exhilarating latin rhythms. So find a new way to express yourself, leave your inhibitions at home and enjoy your dance workout.

Have fun with your dancing exercise. Michel Maling has a dancing blog for you to enjoy.

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