The Difference Between Inbound And Outbound Call Centers

Today, call centers are a popular instrument when it comes to getting things done in an organization or in a business firm that would require inbound and outbound services to keep operations inside the office smooth flowing, especially with regards to customer relations.

Call centers can be classified and categorize into different categories and the list would go on and on. But with these lists of categories and sub-categories, we can put these into two classifications of call centers which would be more popularly known as the inbound call center and the outbound call center.
But what is the difference between the inbound and outbound call center?

Inbound call centers or contact centers would specialize in dealing with supporting clients who call these contact centers into helping them with their desired needs. A few examples of inbound call centers are:

1.Technical Support
Call centers who handle technical support of various products cater to the needs of their clients who want and need help with their technology-based products. Examples of which are cellphones, computer software, televisions, MP3 players, cameras, and the like.

2.Airline Ticket Reservation
These types of contact centers are usually in league with travel agencies to help their clients reserve seats for the airline flights.

3.Hotel Room Reservation
This call center can also be in league with travel agencies since there are times that airline ticket reservation can go hand in hand with hotel room reservation, especially when the customers that are calling in are tourists from other countries who want to take their vacation.

Outbound call centers, on the other hand, have it the other way. The call center agent would call their clients and possible clients that they have on their call lists. With the use of an outbound call center to have business relations with other companies or organization, those companies can boost their profits. This is because a lot of outbound call centers cater to the needs of business firms with regards to their sales. Some examples of outbound call centers are:

1.Lead generation
This type of an outbound call center would contact leads that are listed in their database. Call center agents from lead generation call centers would contact clients, whether they may be fresh or a returning client, and try to set up appointments with the company that they work with in order to set and complete business transactions.

Telemarketing call centers are in charge of the selling of products and services that are offered from a company or a business firm to customers within the reach of their call lists. Aside from selling, they can also advertise products or even the names of various companies to their call leads. Agents within this category do a technique called cold-calling which means that the person from the other end is not expecting a call from the agent on that day.

3.Debt Collection
Agents from this call center cater to calls of people or companies to remind them of their current debts. They usually cater to the reminder of unpaid bills from utilities like electricity, water usage, and telephone usage.

Inbound and outbound call centers may seem worlds apart but there are some similarities between them. Some of the similarities that can be seen are agents from both categories would undergo training to familiarize and be experts in their current line of work to avoid any mistakes and to answer any query that the person on the other line might throw at them. Also, agents must handle calls in a professional manner. And lastly, both inbound and outbound call center agents must give out excellent customer service towards their customers.

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