Lowering Cholesterol Through Diet – Simple Ideas For Healthy Cholesterol Levels

Depending on where you obtain your health information, you will find a wide range of ideas for lowering cholesterol. Lowering cholesterol through diet will only be one of them.

If your primary source of health information is your doctor, then you are probably aware of his recommendations for medication. While it is true that medication can control cholesterol very effectively, it is also true that these drugs are chemicals that can have damaging side effects. They are typically hard on your liver and kidneys.

It just doesn’t seem to make sense to me to be putting these chemicals in your body when lowering cholesterol through diet is just as effective and has many positive side effects. Unlike medication, the side effects of a cholesterol-lowering diet include having more energy, finding that your clothes fit better (or maybe finding that you need to buy a smaller size), fewer illnesses and most likely a longer lifespan.

Now for the hard part. Many of us are addicted to our high-fat low fiber diet that is so prevalent in America. We find it hard to give up the red meats and high-fat dairy products that we cherish so dearly. So let me clear up some misunderstandings.

First of all, when lowering cholesterol through diet you do not need to give up all fats. As a matter fact it is detrimental to your health to eliminate fat from your diet. It is true that you will need to cut back on meats that contain high amounts of saturated fats such as beef. However, you can still have some of the lean cuts of beef such as tenderloin or sirloin.

When it comes to ground beef, I have found ground turkey to be a very good substitute. When seasoned well, ground turkey can be even more satisfying than ground beef because it is so much less greasy.

Lowering cholesterol through diet involves making use of healthy fats, such as those found in nuts, olives and fish. Nuts are helpful in lowering cholesterol because of their high fiber content. When cooking, whenever possible use olive oil and avoid the processed vegetable oils.

Fish are incredibly healthy, especially the fatty fish such as salmon and tuna because of their high omega-3 fatty acid content. Many studies have shown, and the American Heart Association recommends fish and fish oil supplements for supporting a healthy heart and healthy triglyceride levels.

I invite you to visit my website to find more resources for lowering cholesterol through diet and other natural methods. Using the ideas you find there, you will find it much easier to lower your blood lipid levels than your doctor led you to believe.

Van Crawford has been studying health and nutrition for over 10 years as he has researched ways to lower his own cholesterol levels. Visit his website now for more information on powerful ways to improve your health and lower your cholesterol: Ways to Lower Cholesterol

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