Difference between College and High School Papers

No matter what academic level you belong to writing papers is the foremost obligation as far as you are a part of the academia. While writing papers one thing that you may wonder sometimes that what is the real difference between high school and college papers. High school is a time when you can relax a bit and can afford to have a bit of concentration lapses as you can make up if you take things seriously. By contrast college life is a real tough one when it comes to managing studies and other important matters of life. During college studies you must have a serious and sincere attitude towards your studies. You cannot afford that many mistakes when working on your assignments, term papers, essays and research papers if you want to be successful. The professors in college are strict too when checking your papers and do not allow you enough room for mistakes and you have to correct your ways to remain competent. The purpose of this article is to provide you some apparent differences in high school papers and college papers. Read below to learn more about how high school and college papers differ from each other.

College Papers are Lengthy

College papers are very lengthy compare to high school papers and you have to provide lengthy arguments to make it worthy of reading. In high school most of your papers consist of mere five paragraphs whereas in college you have to write five pages and even more depending on the topic and subject.

Amount of Research

This is another big difference where in high school you may not have to spend hours in library or in front of the computer to conduct research on given paper topics. In college you may have to spend sleepless nights to get over with lengthy research papers if you want to make a positive impression on the professor which is important.

Time Duration

A high school paper can be completed in a semester whereas a college paper has to be completed within a week in most of the cases.

Considering these facts it would not be wrong to conclude that high school and college papers are miles apart when it comes to the time and hard work these papers require.


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