Yoga For Recovery

Do you yoga? Do you yoga beyond the mat? Do you realize that yoga is a gateway to connect you with your heart’s desire and life purpose?

Being in recovery from drugs, alcohol and eating disorders, I am very familiar with being disconnected from my body and rooted in shame and fear and all the feelings that made me feel powerless and out of control. I knew how to feel bad and yoga taught me how to feel better and to create radiance. Perhaps what the world needs now is a few more people walking around with open hearts.

Until we come inside and practice deep breathing, being in recovery can be a painful experience. If you are looking around for what might be wrong, it is not possible that you are breathing deep. Yoga helps you to reclaim your life by breathing through the anxiety, the fear of being out of control, and brings you back inside, where all is well and life is taking place one breath at a time.

Yoga is grounding. Yoga is rooted in compassion and fulfills a mission that feels larger than one’s self-pity, story, or limitations. Yoga teaches you to breathe deeply through the pain, to process the emotions and to get you into action, to releace and let go and out of your own way. Yoga helps you to cultivate inner peace, to go within to harness the flow of radiant well-being, and to feel grounded in your body.

If you are struggling with an addiction, or in some phase of recovery, you may be familiar with the sensation of resistance or sabotaging. Do you think you were breathing when you chose to go against your body, or when you allow the thoughts to come in that tell you there is something wrong, do you think your heart is truly open and available then? Yoga clears those thoughts, the sacred practice of yoga asanas are a roadmap to clear away the cobwebs, to loosen the internal knots and to create space for positive development.

Waller McInnes is a life coach, writer, yoga and meditation instructor and founder of Create Radiance–offering coaching, customized meditations, classes, workshops and guidance to awaken to your life and shine. Her services and products are designed to relax the Body, release the Mind and restore the Soul. Visit for more information and her blog for inspiring ways to follow your inner vision.

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