Why Copywriting Techniques Can Improve Your Articles For Article Marketing

When marketing your business with articles, it’s important to get people to read them. The more people that read your articles, the more people will click-through to your site. But what are some ways to get more people to read your articles?

You can apply copywriting techniques to the articles themselves to get more people to read them.

For instance, the most important part of the article is the title. The title needs to catch attention. If it fails to catch attention, people aren’t going to read the article. Writing the title is like writing the headline in copywriting.

By learning how to write headlines, you’ll learn how to write good article titles. To write titles that get attention, try including a benefit in the title. For instance, “3 Tips to Boost Sales by 300%” has a benefit. Another copywriting technique is to apply urgency to the title.

After the title, you need to write compelling opening paragraphs. In copywriting, this is called the lead. Your opening paragraphs need to catch the reader’s interest, otherwise he or she won’t reader further.

A simple way to write opening paragraphs that get attention is to use the problem-solution technique. Write down and relate to the problems that the reader is having. And show that reading your article will give the solution.

Your reader may be skeptical of your ideas. There are many “gurus” out there who give advice and claim to be experts. In copywriting, skepticism is handled by giving proof. So you’ll want to prove to your readers that your ideas are true.

You can provide proof by using personal examples, historical facts, research, or statistics. A success story of someone applying your ideas is another good way to provide proof.

At the end of your article is where you put your resource box. Your goal is to have people click-through to your site. Just like in copywriting, you’ll want to write benefits and a call to action. Show what the reader will get out of visiting your site. And then tell the reader to visit your site.

You could also include your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) in your resource box. Your competitors are competing for your readers’ attention too, so your USP helps you to stand out and shows why you’re a better choice.

Other copywriting techniques you’ll want to apply are to write in short sentences, write in short paragraphs, and make your article easy to read.

So start by learning one copywriting technique and apply it today. Your article will be instantly improved.

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