10 Creative Ways to Bond a Friendship

Male or female friendships are valuable and sometimes friendships can be taken for granted. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to bond that friendship. Following are just ten creative ways to do just that.

Ten Creative Ways to Bond a Friendship

1. Join a Social Group: It may be a reading, recreational, music, biking, hiking, or just a good clean fun group that doesn’t give out homework.

2. Take a Class Together: Whether it’s for academic or fun purposes it’s great to take a class with a friend. You can compare notes and have fun doing it.

3. Do Volunteer Work: Offer to go as a team to help out at a reading group, helping kids with homework, bagging food at a food shelf, or shelving books at your local library.

4. Go to a Movie: Going to a movie together is a positive experience because you both see the movie at the same time and you can talk about it right after.

5. Take up a Hobby: Taking up a hobby together can be a lot of fun. Just remember not to turn your hobby into a job. Landscaping and gardening make fun hobbies.

6. Visit Someone in the Hospital: Walking in together to visit someone you both know can take off that uneasiness you may feel when walking into a hospital. Cheer somebody up.

7. Take Early Morning Walks: If you live within a short distance of each other, a morning walk on a nature trail can be very invigorating and bonding while your mind is still clear.

8. Share Your Goals: Sharing your goals with a friend is helpful because you are held accountable for your goals and can also bounce ideas regarding your goals.

9. Watch a Documentary: Watching a documentary together can be quite enlightening. You get to admit to each other what you didn’t know about the topic. Learn together.

10. Visit the Zoo: Visiting the Zoo with a friend can be a fantastic way to enjoy a full day of learning new things about animals, besides, seeing new species with someone is fun.

The best part of doing these types of creative activities with your friend, is that years down the road you will still be talking about what you did together and you’ll be saying, “Remember when…” This is the greatest reward of bonding with a friend.

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