The Power of Our Thoughts

Your thoughts bring with them the power of your being.  In every moment, every particle of the world you see has been brought about because of what has been portrayed in your mind.  Your thoughts create what you see, and in fact bring all the people that surround you in your journey called life. 

You have not explored the wonder of your thoughts until you realize their magnificent power.  You are in control.  Your thoughts want to be in control.  But you are the power that manifests.  You are the one that creates, like God, you are a creator, and our thoughts are the tools we use to manifest the life we live.  

Thoughts are but expressions of our feelings and emotions.  At any time we are expressing the triggers of our past, present or future.  We live in the past and that gets brought into our future.  Why do we not commence from the here, the now.  By bringing the past emotions we create more thoughts that keep us in a place where we cannot grow.  You must create from where you are.  Where you want to go.  

Achieving greatness in our life is just a matter of extending our thoughts.  Our thoughts and desires are so creative, yet we use them so little.  We desire so little for ourselves.  All has been given to you and me already, it is us that keeps it away from ourselves.  We think such small thoughts, and yet in you is a powerful thought system that would create the wonders of the world.  If only you became one with the Creator of that power, and took the journey that was given to you.

At every moment you must expand your thought, stretch it, make it bigger.  If you think it, it is possible for you, for me, for all.  It is but a powerful mechanism we use to create the world in which we see.  Your thoughts must not have any fears attached to the, for any false hope will not create the desired results.  Belief, faith and knowing must come from the same mind and connect with that thought.  One little thought in the other direction, produces the result you just gave into.  The person, situation, whatever that needs to fill that negative thought will be there.  That will be your struggle….. but you created it, you put it there.  So watch your thoughts.  

Your actions will produce greatness if your thoughts are aligned.  Expand them.  Think, and then expand.  Practice, think and expand.  For you are a creator of your world.  Your thoughts affect this world.  Only think what you desire for yourself, and more.  God wants and knows you can achieve all you have been made to accomplish in heaven and on earth.  

Go think yourself powerful.  Go take your thoughts and move mountains.  You were but a thought in His mind. Through His thoughts and His words, you were created.  And He marveled at the wonder of you.  Know that you are completely desired in Heaven and on Earth.   God adds His thought of Creation and Love to your life, to bring the wonders you require to grow, love and explore your world and life.

Maria Portas.

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