The 15-Minute Six Pack Workout For Home Or Gym

The following method for exercising your abs in only 15 minutes involves a warm up for about 5 minutes, this could be skipping, jogging on the spot or walking. Once the body temperature is elevated gentle stretches for the tightest muscles in your body are recommended.

The aim of the workout is to:

Step 1. Perform exercise #1 – for 30 seconds
Step 2. Immediately followed by exercise #2 – for 30 seconds
Step 3. Rest for 30 seconds before repeating steps 1 to 3

Ten rounds of the above will equal a 15-minute workout.

Exercise #1 – Leg Raise

Key Points: Lie down on your back; both feet should be flat with the knees bent. From this position the pelvis is rolled back pressing on your fingers or on a rolled up towel. If using a towel it should be the same thickness of your hand. The position needs to be directly at the belly button level flat against the floor.

From here both legs are raised and lowered while always keeping the back stable and stationary maintaining pressure on your fingers or towel. The knees should be kept bent and the angle shouldn’t change throughout the 30 seconds of work.

Progression: Open the angle of the knees, that will makes the leg longer and increase the workload on the lower abdominal muscles.

Exercise #2 – The Plank

Key Points: Begin lying face down on the floor with feet together and forearms on the ground, your hands should be clenched in a fist. Draw the abs inward towards your spine and squeeze the glutes (backside muscles). Lift entire body off the ground until it forms a straight line from head to toe, resting on forearms and toes. Forearms should be parallel and elbows directly below the shoulders.

Keeping the back flat and chin tucked hold the position for 30 seconds maintaining good form and slowly return to the ground.

Progression: Can be done on one leg.

People in today’s society want quick fixes and want to see results instantly. In my opinion most people have forgotten the old fashioned way of what it takes to change body shape. All the health aspects that once went hand in hand with exercise have been lost in the tide of the celebrity culture. Celebrity dominant publications are not the place to get your health and fitness information from if you want real results. Quick fixes are a waste of time because they never work for anyone apart from the people making money from them. Starving the body of essential nutrients by following the latest fad diet will only end up in a big disappointment and put you off from future attempts.

There is no excuse with time constraints with this workout. It is a simple straightforward routine that will challenge you if done correctly. It can be modified in any which way you deem necessary to achieve the response you want. Don’t forget with exercise and nutrition, it is the quality and not quantity that matters. It has always been like this and always will be so you can forget searching for a quick fix and wasting your time reading about what your favourite celebrity is doing or in some cases not doing.

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