The Italian Cooking Magazine

With Italian cooking magazines such as Italian Cooking & Living around, the mass audience can now learn the fine art of cooking up several interesting Italian dishes in a simple and uncomplicated manner. This Italian cooking magazine only debuted earlier this year and is a bi-monthly that is brought to the public by the Italian Culinary Institute that is the publisher of another interesting Italian cooking magazine called Cucina Italiana.

Celebrates Italian Culinary Traditions

Both these Italian cooking magazines share similar objectives, which of course is to celebrate as well as promote the finest culinary (Italian) traditions though each magazine delivers the final message in its own unique fashion. For those who wish to know more about the highest traditions of Italian culinary art, Cucina Italiana is the right Italian cooking magazine while readers that just want a basic introduction to Italian cooking will need to look to Italian Cooking & Living.

However, it must be mentioned that these two Italian cooking magazines lay emphasis more on authentic Italian cuisine rather than on American Italian fare. Also, the magazines are user friendly and provide readers with a hands-on approach and that too in a very friendly manner. These two Italian cooking magazines are choc-a-bloc with interesting photographs that are accompanied by guidance as well as primers to help novice readers understand how to cook up exciting Italian dishes, starting from a basic level and then progressing on to more advanced levels.

From learning how to cook pasta to concocting Florentine spinach dishes to ricotta crepes as well as learning about travel and cooking Italian dishes, these two Italian cooking magazines provide readers with the entire lowdown and the information is also presented in a simple, easy-to-understand manner.

The Italian Cooking & Living magazine in particular is sure to have a lot of interesting information regarding different kinds of Italian dishes as it provides you with the entire lowdown on regional as well as theme dishes and in addition, this Italian cooking magazine contains several interesting sections including information about upcoming events, foods, wines, olive oils as well as Italian food clubs.

You can also browse various interesting Italian recipes and there is also plenty of information given regarding travel to Italy to sample the Italian culinary delights in first person. When it concerns the right Italian cooking techniques there is much to learn. Whether it is saut cooking or pan frying or stir frying you will need to understand these techniques before trying your hand at making the best in Italian culinary fare.

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