Healthy Foods For A Healthy People

Healthy Foods for a Healthy People

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Even though we may not always pick the best of foods, we do see and hear about healthy foods from many different sources. Sometimes, however, the information can be confusing, and if we don’t have a good education in what to look for in choosing healthy foods, we can often become misled.

Since the trend is going towards healthy eating, many companies have created a twist in their product lines to include foods that are so called healthier. However, many of their products are just glorified junk foods. They still contain white sugar, corn syrup, white flour, preservatives, milk and whey proteins, and are overly refined so you still don’t get the foods that promote good health. Instead of getting high nutrition, you may end up with just more high calories – something you don’t want or need.

Education is key here, however, one thing to first consider is where you shop. Shop where healthy foods are sold, and where you won’t be tempted to purchase unhealthy foods. Also, don’t shop with coupons. You will rarely find coupons promoting healthy foods. Most generally, the foods that are cheaply made, engineered to taste good, and are heavily advertised that are on the coupons. So consider the following information so you can make great healthy food choices.

• Foods in their natural state are obviously more nutritious because they have the natural fiber, vitamins, minerals, and proteins, untouched. Plus they don’t have the added sweeteners, enhancers, colors, additives, fats, etc. added. We need to remember why we eat! We eat for the nourishment of our bodies, and if the foods do not provide good nourishment, then they most likely are causing adverse affects on the body – congesting, polluting, and creating health problems and disease. We need foods that are high in vitamins and minerals to feed our cells; fiber for cleansing; proteins for building and repair; natural carbohydrates to give us energy; and good sources of fats to help our brain and organs function properly. Foods should accomplish two things: nourishment and cleansing, and even though water is our best cleanser, foods cleanse too. If foods do not nourish and cleanse, in reality they are not real foods – just fillers and fluff! So that answers why many people are actually over weight!

• White flour is a common ingredient in many of our foods today. However, white flour is void of the fiber, oil, and the vitamins and minerals that naturally occur in the whole wheat kernel. If white flour can be used as a glue, then what might it be doing to our intestines (creating all kinds of digestive and bowel disorders)? Even though many are now choosing whole grain breads, better than that is the whole grains themselves. Whole grains in all their varieties (brown rice, barley, oats, millet, quinoa, kamut, wheat, spelt, amaranth, etc.) are great for breakfast cereals, added to whole-meal salads for lunch, main dishes for dinner, and even desserts. We need more fiber and roughage and the whole grains are perfectly designed to give exactly what our bodies need. Just sprout them, or cook them up a few at a time, and keep them refrigerated to use on a moment’s notice in a variety of ways.Visit Here

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