My Thoughts on Cleveland Launcher 400

I did a lot of research and experimenting before buying this club. I demoed all the top brands several times with different flex shafts and brands of shafts. The two I liked best were the Titleist 983k and the Launcher 400. The Launcher 460 was a nice stick too but the size of the head didn’t look right to me and the high pitched impact sound was a little bit of a turnoff. The 400 sounded and felt crisper. With a price tag $ 130 less than the Titleist (which I liked very much), I made my purchase.

I waited until I played at least 10 rounds with it before writing a review to present an accurate assessment of this product.

The first minor change I made was to replace the grip with a softer Callaway Steethead grip. The Cleveland grip just felt a little hard and slippery (my hands sweat alot). I got the NV65 (reg. flex) shaft option at no extra cost although, honestly I don’t see a big difference over the stock Fugi orange shaft. The green color is a sharper looking component though. My swing speed is around 92mph and my natural ball flight has always been pretty straight. I was carring my old Callaway VFT about 230 and I can honestly say that the Launcher has given me the extra 15 yards I was looking for. 245 to 255 and straight.

If I tried to get too much out of the VFT I sometimes got the snap hook but the launcher stays pretty straight. I have hooked a few but they are far less severe. I’ve had the same irons (taylormade firesoles) for 5 years now and have no desire to change, but the technological advancements in these new drivers must be taken advantage of. The Launcher 400 is an absolutely fabulous value and a tremendous addition to my bag. I don’t think it has lowered my handicap yet (8.2 USGA) but it has put me in better position to do so. I love it.

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