Easy And Healthy Breakfasts Using Eggs

As the most important meal of the day, it is important that we get out breakfasts right. Whilst there are a great many options available to us these days, eggs still remain a great way to start the day. Occasionally though, it can be a little tricky to mix things up, here are a few ideas.

First of all, there is the classic of boiled eggs. Ideally, these should be soft boiled, so the white is just gently cooked til solid, and the beautiful yolk is still rich and runny. Everybody has their own way of cooking of course, but a good tip is to place the eggs in cold water, bring to the boil, take of the heat, and cover for 4 – 5 minutes depending upon the size.

The dish is usually accompanied by slices of buttered bread or toast, cut into lengths which can be dipped into the yolk, and this is a great. However, certain twists can make things more interesting, such as dipping crispy bacon, different types of bread, or even quartered sausages.

Another favorite with many is scrambled eggs. The best way to make this is in a pan, being constantly stirred. Add butter, milk, seasoning and a touch of cream, and the result is wonderful. It is ideal served simply on its own or on some buttered toast, bagel or muffin.

However, things do not have to stay this simple, not at all. From cut up bacon and tomatoes, to fresh herbs, anything can be added according to taste. It can also be served as an accompaniment to a fully cooked breakfast.

Whichever way it is served, scrambled eggs need to be served fresh out of the pan and eaten straight away. For stunning celebratory breakfasts for couples to enjoy, there are few things better than well smoked Scottish salmon, cracked black pepper a squeeze of lemon and chopped chives. Perhaps served with a toasted bagel, it really is a great way to start a special day.

Poaching is something that few people do with food now, though it once used to be very popular. Cooking eggs in this way is lovely and is quite similar to boiling them, but without having the shell still in place.

Preparing them is easy; simply take a pan of hot water, add a little vinegar and create and eddy in the middle. Then drop the egg in and let cook for three minutes or until the white comes together around the yolk. Served on toast with mushrooms is scrumptious.

Omelets are another good idea; where again many ingredients can be added to them to cater for individual tastes. Prepared in much the same way as when scrambling, it is really nothing more than the frequency of stirring where differences lie.

Eggs really are one of the healthiest and easiest ingredients to cook with; which is what makes them ideal for preparing breakfasts. Being so fast to cook makes them ideal for family mornings too; where getting everyone suitably fed and watered is essential to avoid missed buses, cars and public transport.

Love eggs? Looking for healthy recipes to eat your eggs with? Check out Egg Farmers of Ontario for breakfast ideas to spice up your morning.

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