Little Known Muscle Building Information

Marketing hype makes muscle building information a commodity. Rather than to simply inform, available resources and information is twisted and manipulated at will to sell. What is in this scenario? Sales pitch will steer you away from the most important things you should know about muscle building.

There are three simple things you need to know about muscle building: proper nutrition, effective training and timely intervals of rest. Remove the hype and everything that makes up the majority of information available and you are left with these three.

Proper nutrition allows the body to grow in the midst of our training. During training while we are lifting weights and putting our body to constant stress in specific repetitions and / or duration, we are urging our body to build more muscles convincing it that we need to do so. But at the same time, we need to let our body believe that it has what it takes to have these muscles up and running. We do this by eating right and being focused in eating food that matters. Not only we have to “trick” our body in these two separate directions, we must also give it time to respond properly. And we do this by resting. Only when the body is not doing anything that it begins to repair damaged and worn muscles during training, in the process building it up and increasing its strength and volume.

Proper diet boils down to food we should and should not eat. Junk foods, candies and soda drinks should have no place in our daily intake. We could not get wrong with green leafy vegetables and fruits. Get rid of the skin and layers of fat in meat. We want to gain muscles (and weight) but not get fat and heavy.

We need to get more of compound exercises that works more than one muscle group. We could never get wrong with squats, bench press and military press.

And we need to take a break. Muscles grow when we rest and not when we are sweating it out at the gym.

Muscle building information is openly available. But hunt down those that matters, and not those that merely sells.

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