Difference Between a Mac and a PC

PC stands for personal computer. But, one thing is for sure, the difference between a Mac and a PC is not in the name. It’s actually branding that has given a particular identity to any non-Apple PC, thereby separating them from Mac products made by Apple. Yet, the Mac and anything referred to as a PC are all considered personal computers, with differences that remain in their individual operating systems.

Don’t worry, though. Because Macs and PCs in general are all personal computers, they can be used to surf the Internet, open email, and all the other things you look for in a computer. They can also be networked together. In other words, there is not much difference in their purpose, as Mac parts and PC parts are basically the same.

Macs and PCs can even use most of the same software. However, due to having different operating systems, Macs and PCs operate and work differently in the way programs are run. The Mac actually operates by reading the way humans do, as opposed to reading by a binary code, as is done by the PC. Thus, when you buy software, you must buy program version specifically for your operating system – either the Mac version or the PC version.

When you think about it, the basic fact that the Mac would read the number 123 exactly as 123, rather than converting it into a binary code, makes the Mac actually sounds like it is easier to use. As a matter of fact, the easier-to-operate theory seems to be the consensus with Mac lovers.

Also, consider these facts:

* Macs require less clicking than the PC and have only one button on the mouse
* Macs tend to have fewer virus worms and Trojans than PCs, which if you’re not tech savvy, may save on your need for Mac laptop repair
* Macs seem to perform better than PCs when many programs are open

After comparing prices, you may question why the Mac products are so expensive. While you could buy a less expensive PC, die-hard Mac lovers may argue that you get what you pay for. However, if price is a major issue, and you want to try a Mac product for yourself, consider a refurbished Mac or Macbook.

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