The Secret Film – Mass Thoughts

What do I mean by this? Well the Law of Attraction works that is a certainty in my experience. But what about the combination of mass thought, in other words, when we all think or I should say feel for the same cause. Let me give you an example.

The media raised the hype a few years ago about a credit crunch. A few people began to ponder it, the media talked about it more, the people began to feel and believe it, the media talked about it more, then people began to see evidence of, the media showed more, then there was a recession, because the mass thoughts of society had created it.

This happens in so many areas of life, from religion, to cults, to TV programmes, to like minded groups. Basically the joined beliefs of the people focused on whatever it is become joined together like bits of snow being made into a massive snowball. This then becomes a powerful force which can then manifest in the physical world really quickly.

I opt out of this, you can too, the thing is I only focus on what feels good. When I see that there is a fight against this or that, or a recession in society.

I just state clearly (and most importantly feel). This is not me, I create my reality and only choose what experiences come into my life, and I choose health, happiness, love and prosperity.

What has happened to me now is that I am healthy and happy, and in this so called perception of a recession, I have increased my fees twice and am receiving more clients than I ever have done.

This is the real power of belief. So I say to you choose what you focus on and most importantly believe about. Once you do this, you stop being influenced by others opinions, and also the physical now. The reason is you belief is in a place where you know and trust that nothing can come into your experience without your permission. So come on get out there and begin to believe in something of value to you like the secret filmsays, create what you want, not what others think you should want.

Author Mike England has loads more information and free downloads and techniques click on the link the secret film to find out more.

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