Diamond Self Meditation

Close your eyes and let your body find a natural position of comfort and relaxation. Adjust, shift, gently and peacefully until your body feels just right.

Breathe in light and let it circulate through all your cells. Melt into ease and harmony, and begin to become quiet inside.

Breathe in peace. Slowly. Peace in, peace out. Slow, gentle, deep, long breaths. Enjoy the natural rhythms of your body and move inward to that still point deep within. Silence. Feel it, luxuriate in it.

Now, experience yourself being enfolded in a blanket of beautiful, soft, pink light. Feel its silkiness as it touches your skin. Soothing, pink, brilliance.

Now, allow many bright beams of pure crystalline light to come toward you from many directions. Feel them as they penetrate your body energizing and lifting you up, awakening all your cells and increasing your frequency. The light beams are beginning to weave magnificent patterns of light around you and within you. Crystalline, sparkling light all in motion , surging through you, cleansing, nurturing, changing you. There is love in this light as it caresses you. You are expanding, becoming brighter, and iridescent.

Now, move inside your heart. Find an illumined pathway there and follow it inward. Continue on going deeper into your heart until you come to a cave. The cave fascinates you as you see that the walls are made of beautiful gemstones; gems and crystals of all colors. There are green emeralds, purple amethysts, red rubies, yellow and blue topaz, blue sapphires, and other gorgeous minerals. They are sparkling, shining, and reflecting light.

As you look up at the ceiling of the cave, you can see an opening, a hole where light is pouring in from above. As the light enters, it illuminates and clarifies the colors of the gems and crystals making them look as if they are lit from within. The intensity of beauty brings a feeling of awe.

Walk to the center of the room. On a table there, you can see a huge diamond. It is brilliant and shimmers with crystal clear light. The facets and sparkle are unlike any diamond you’ve ever seen, as is its size. It is an awesome sight!

This diamond is like you. It is you, it represents your true self, your invincible spirit. Walk inside it and feel what it’s like. Sparkle, glow, and shine with your essence, your ebullient spirit. This is the way you truly are, pure and bright, very beautiful. It is your nature to be this way, it is your natural self. Sometimes you don’t feel at your best, but always there is this wonderful part of you that sparkles and shines with strength, power, and beauty. It shines through disappointments, challenges, confusion, heartache, failure and regret.

Feel the pure power of your spirit now. Know that you can call on your spirit for anything you need. Think of something in your life that you need your spirit for now. Your spirit can overcome anything, any obstacle or challenge. Shine the awesome power of your spirit on it now, and watch it transform. You can and will overcome it. Know your power, and remember that you are spirit.

Remember to call on your spirit whenever you need it. Remember that you are this diamond.

Now, walk to the wall of the cave and choose a gem stone that you find especially attractive. It falls into your hand and you begin to notice its many facets. As you look deeper, you can see that it contains many shapes and pictures. These forms have special meanings for you. They are messages from your spirit. You may see, feel, or hear words, objects, people, scenes, colors, or symbols. Insights begin to flow.

Think about something you wish to overcome. Observe as the crystal or gemstone changes now providing you with new pictures and awareness’s that show you a new direction, solutions. Enjoy and be inspired. You can always get an answer from your spirit.

Now, take the diamond and the gemstone and place them in your heart. They are always with you. You can come back here any time to commune with your spirit.

Exit the cave feeling happy and secure in your spirit. Come back to this room and open your eyes when you are ready.

Carole Cravath (B.A.) is a counselor , teacher, and healer with 30 years of experience guiding others in their personal and spiritual growth. She teaches the Perceptive Awareness Technique Workshops which link the Intuitive and Conceptual Minds for rapid control of higher awareness in 3 days.
Powerful advancement in intuitive proficiency for making the correct decision every time results! Visit http://www.perceptiveawareness.com and http://www.tiptopwebsite.com/carolecravath for teaching schedules. She also teaches the powerful new healing technique called Soma Pi, originated by gifted spiritual teacher Consuella C. Newton. Call Carole at (507) 287-0884 for details.

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