Brain Aerobics

The first thing on the studies the researchers noted was that exercising had sped up the speed of their decision-making and that was a significant difference. Upon scoring in the brain power tests, it was also found that the subjects answered more accurately after the aerobic exercise than before.Diagnosis The participants of the study were between 18 and 24 years old, but researchers think the findings will hold true for other age groups as well. Another similar study showed that just ten minutes of moderate aerobic exercise each day can improve mood and reduce fatigue. Brainpower in particular was not tested in that study, but it seems likely that less fatigue means better brain power.

Most research and studies has focused more on the duration of the aerobic exercise more than on the specific type. Aerobic exercise however, seems to be the most common part in the studies that have shown improvements in brainpower. It seems likely that walking, bicycling, running, swimming, dancing and any other aerobic exercises will have the same effect on brain power. Ten minutes of aerobic exercise is apparently enough to have considerable effects on the brain. Though it is not clear how much more benefit there may be with longer aerobic exercise sessions. Now it has been seen that while most researchers probably expected to find brain power benefits from long-term aerobic exercise programs, the study using treadmills showed an immediate effect as well; or inn other words, get up and run around, and people can be smarter ten minutes from now.

Most of the people find that walking is one of the best exercises to boost brain power. Apart from the aerobic exercise benefits that are now being explained by recent researches, there seems to be something more. Perhaps it has something to do with the certain rhythmic and relaxing nature of the exercise,Diagnosis but many people report that their clearest and most creative thinking happens when walking which is because the activity needs to involve more than one of the senses; it needs to engage the attention and also it needs to break a routine activity in an unexpected, nontrivial way. Apart from aerobic exercises, the memorization games are also suggested by some physician to boost up brain power.

Using the common things around, people are suggested to memorize a list of 5-10 items they see around them and write them down, put them in a drawer or turn their list facedown or take note of five items mentioned in the business section of their newspaper, or five titles from a book list. In other words people can pick topics of interest and go from there and after a few minutes; they need to try to recall the items on the list they memorized.

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