Secrets of Happiness

This is the first in a series of articles on the secrets of how anyone can create a happier less stressful day….everyday!

Abe Lincoln pegged it when he said something to the effect of, “people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be” Larry, are you saying that I can simply make a decision to be happier and it will happen? Yes, the results will begin immediately. Making what I call the Happiness Decision, is the first step, because once you realize that “if its to be it is up to me” and you take responsibility for your happiness or lack of, you just took ownership and responsibility for your life……and that my friend is just powerful!

The moment you make the “I’m going to be happier starting right now” decision, you just did something awesome! You just took back the personal control of your day and life. Simply becoming aware that you and you alone are indeed in charge of your life, thoughts, emotions and actions gives you tremendous power over your world and life.

Now, because you’ve made that Happy Decision, a whole new world of choices will open up to you. Choices you never new existed before! Why? Because, now that you’ve told your brain that happiness is now important and you have now decided to be happier, it will now make you aware of choices and paths to happiness that you had previously overlooked! A whole new positive, stress less day and life will begin to unfold before your very eyes!

Remember the popular phrase, “Have a nice day”? It’s nice to hear and it shows that someone is trying to be polite and positive. But, where does “Have a nice day” put the control of your life? It puts it in the hands of other people, things and events!! Because “Have”, depends upon chance and circumstance and since we live in a basically negative world, it won’t be long (maybe minutes) before some person, event or thing comes along that is negative and “poof” you nice day is gone! You then spend the rest of the day buffeted around by the negative people, events and things around you.

So, since you’ve now made the Happy Decision, (you did make it didn’t you?), I’m now going to give you a much better phrase that will remind you where your power lies plus empower you to take charge.

From this point forward, instead of saying, “Have a nice day”, you will now say, “Make a nice day” or better yet, “Make a terrific or traa-mendous day” This will remind you, that you indeed are in charge of your day and you are going to make it a great day….because now you can!

You’ve heard of attitudes which are thought habits and beatitudes which are attitudes to live your life by. In the next Secrets of Happiness article, I will share with you the awesome power of my “BeHappytudes”. Plus, you will learn the one that is my personal favorite because it has the power to literally turn your day around. You’ll want to put this one on the fridge, mirror and around the house! See you next time and oh yes, “Make it a great day”

Larry Davis, is the founder of PeopleMagic Seminars, and believes that he can teach anyone how to create a happier day and then a happier life!

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