Personal Trainer Qualification

If are thinking of starting a career or perhaps a change from your current career, why not consider getting a personal trainer qualification? Discovery Learning will help you achieve this goal and get your foot in the door of being a personal trainer with the ability to work from your own private gym or a public gym. If being a personal trainer is your dream then working towards a recognised qualification is definitely advised.


Discovery Learning gives you a kick start in the right direction when you sign up to do any qualification with us, including a personal trainer qualification. From the moment you start with Discovery Learning you will have the support you need to go right through to getting a client list up and running.  With Discovery Learning we realise that the skills needed to become a successful personal trainer extend to beyond simply knowing how to work the equipment, which is why we get our learner on the right track with how to attract and keep clients.


Discovery Learning is based in the United Kingdom and boasts four academies throughout England. They have also been given the stamp of approval for Quality and Innovation from the National Skills Academy. This means that if you chose to study with Discovery Learning you are assured that the quality of your course will be high with an equally as high level of innovation that goes into each and every course. Discovery also offers its learners affordable payment plans ranging to 12 months at set interest rates.  It is Discovery’s intention to assist their learners in achieving their ultimate training aims.


Contact Discovery Learning to find out if they have the course that you desire. Obtain your personal trainer qualification with the help of Discovery Learning today and work towards securing a place for yourself in the fitness training world without delay.


personal trainer qualification

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